Kovid confirmed 84 in the UAE

Abu Dhabi : The Ministry of Health reports that Kovid has confirmed 84 new cases in the UAE. 119 people recovered. One died. The total death toll was 2129. Of the 7,39,190 confirmed cases so far, 7,33,127 have been cured. 12,376 doses of the vaccine were dispensed within 24 hours. So far 20,887,014 doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the UAE.

Kovid confirmed 43 cases in Saudi Arabia. 38 were cured. Two died. The total death toll was 8776. Of the 5,48,205 people diagnosed so far, 5,37,246 have recovered. Of those currently being treated at various hospitals, 74 are in critical condition. The country’s covid release rate is 98 percent and the death rate is 1.6 percent.


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