Kretschmer: “Completely unacceptable” – Dehoga criticizes statements made on Easter holidays

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“Completely unacceptable” – Dehoga criticizes Kretschmer for Easter vacation

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When can we finally travel again?

The borders with Tyrol and the Czech Republic are almost tight, for fear of the corona mutations rampant there – and this is also the reason for the extended lockdown. There is disagreement in politics about when we can go on normal vacation again.

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With his prognosis that no Easter vacation will be possible this year, Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer has annoyed the hotel industry. The head of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association expects “a concrete opening perspective” from politicians.

Dhe German Hotel and Restaurant Association Dehoga has criticized the statement by Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) that the Easter holiday would have to be canceled this year because of the corona pandemic. Such statements caused uncertainty and were completely unacceptable, said Dehoga boss Ingrid Hartges the broadcasters RTL and ntv.

“After we were not mentioned last week in the decision to make such statements here for uncertainty and existential hardship, is completely unacceptable,” said Hartges. “In addition, it is also legally questionable.”

The mood in the hotel and restaurant industry since the Prime Minister’s Conference last Wednesday was “aggressive and unsettled”. There is a “brutal existential concern”. “We expect a concrete opening perspective. We have been closed since November 2nd. It definitely doesn’t work that way. ”Politicians are responsible for ensuring that hotels and restaurants are not closed any longer than necessary.

These are the vacation prospects for 2021

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer refuses the Easter holiday in Germany in April. But many are still longing for a recovery from the Corona crisis. Travel providers respond to this.

Source: WELT / Stefan Wittmann

Looking at the top meeting of the associations with Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier on Tuesday, Hartges complained that the November aid had not yet reached over a third of the companies.

The Dehoga regional association of North Rhine-Westphalia also reacted angrily to Kretschmer’s Easter holiday forecast. “Many in the industry perceive this as a resounding slap in the face”, said a spokesman for the “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung”. “Philosophizing about failed Easter holidays or beer gardens that are only open in summer is the opposite of an overall plan.”

Kretschmer: “Too much mobility is poison”

Kretschmer had previously spoken out against vacation and restaurant visits in Germany during the Easter holidays. “I am in favor of speaking truths. Unfortunately, there can be no Easter holiday in Germany this year “, said Kretschmer of “Bild am Sonntag”. “Too much mobility, for example through travel and tourism in April, is poison. We would destroy everything that we have achieved since mid-December. “

A return to “normality” like last autumn would lead to an “explosion in the number of infections” like in November and December, said Kretschmer. The result would be a hard lockdown in spring. “We absolutely have to avoid that.”

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The CDU politician said that loosening would have to take place carefully and step by step. “Restaurants and hotels in Saxony will also have to be closed over Easter. The performance in opera houses and theaters cannot be resumed until after Easter at the earliest. “The experience of the past months shows:” The smallest changes in the behavior of the population, for example greater mobility and more contacts, immediately lead to higher infection rates.

The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach had agreed with WELT. “I’m not assuming that we can go on Easter vacation this year,” he said. “We have to use the Easter weeks to avert the still threatening third wave with the dangerous mutations with as few contacts as possible. I would be happy if we even make it to Easter without a third wave, ”said Lauterbach. “If this succeeds, the success must not be destroyed on vacation.”

No Easter vacation – Lauterbach agrees with Kretschmer

The federal police are on duty on the Czech border and on the border with Tyrol. Only those who are really allowed to get in can get in. However, closing the border is not a long-term perspective. But that is still lacking – with devastating consequences.

Source: WELT / Stefan Wittmann


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