Kristina Bukhynbalte uses Barzikov to win the competition at Dom 2

Another conflict broke out in the glade of House 2, this time in the stage of the beauty contest, which is for girls. In the next round, Christina Bukhynbalte and Milana Vyazemsky quarreled, which is why the jury of the guys opposed Milana.

Many in the team consider such a decision to be unlawful, because the day before Ivan Barzikov had already made a scandal with the Vyazemskys, which can be read in this article.

Active and fruitfulristina Bukhynbalte uses Barzikov to win in competition at House 2, don’t you think?

It is no coincidence that Chris is grateful to her rivals for the motivation to win the competition at House 2, about which she wrote a post on social networks. Are Ivan Barzikov and Christina Bukhynbalte clearly not going to apologize to Vyazemsky? And will Vlad Dubrovsky, who began courting this lively girl, intercede for her?

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