Kunsthalle Hamburg publishes a new catalog raisonné by Max Beckmann on the Internet

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Max Beckmann online

Stand: 15.01.2021 | Reading time: 2 minutes

The photograph shows Max Beckmann in his Amsterdam studio

Source: Helga Fietz

After five years of research under the direction of Anja Tiedemann, a team from the Kunsthalle Hamburg presented 835 paintings by Max Beckmann on the Internet – supplemented by 10,000 additional data sets.

Whas been using the website since January 15, 2021 at 3 p.m. https://beckmann-gemaelde.org If you click on it, you will find the new catalog raisonné, the Catalog Raissonné of Max Beckmann’s paintings. The page is clearly structured and the colored images spontaneously invite you to linger and be amazed. In addition to the paintings, there is a project description whose user information also explains in detail the scientific structure.

In addition, there is a Vita Beckmann on the site in timeline form, a detailed bibliography and an index that enables specific information to be called up. If you click on a painting, you will receive the usual information on the format, year of creation, material and current owner – in the case of museums, the location where the original can be seen – a number of other information buttons to click.

750 colored paintings

The interested viewer can find out where the work is mentioned in diaries, letters and other contemporary documents, what scientific publications and catalogs are available. The provenance is also explained.

A total of 835 paintings are listed, of which around 85 are lost or destroyed. The works preserved in images and in the original take visitors to the website into the world of classical modernism.

The mouse pointer turns into a Beckmann magnifying glass

After the first click on a selected painting, the user receives an individual display with the references. After another click on the picture, it stands alone on the page, the mouse pointer now becomes a magnifying glass with which you can move over the picture and take a look at details. The technology here awakens the desire for the original. If the lockdown for culture ends in February, the current Beckmann exhibition “female-male” can be seen in the Hamburger Kunsthalle until March 14th.

The new catalog raisonné was created over a period of five years by a team led by the art historian Anja Tiedemann, financed by the Kaldewei Cultural Foundation. In total, the new database contains around 10,000 additional data records on publications and archive materials in addition to the paintings.

Kunsthalle plans research in “Beckmann Forum”

The catalog raisonné of Max Beckmann’s paintings will be continued there in future as part of the Modern Art Department of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and in collaboration with its director Karin Schick. The Kaldewei Cultural Foundation has secured funding for years to come and the Kunsthalle has promised further funds for Beckmann research. In one Beckmann Forum the Hamburger Kunsthalle is planning an international research network on Max Beckmann and his time with a lively exchange and new interpretive approaches.


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