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Kylian Mbappé has opted for exclusivity in the management of its public image, reducing the number of sponsors and strictly controlling its appearance in the media. His lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, who controls with an iron fist with her mother, Fayza, the image of the author of the sounded triplet against Barcelona (1-4) in the Champions League, explains his strategy well, which distances him from other great footballers of the moment.

Thus, according to the lawyer, Mbappé They have chosen a middle line between those athletes who only associate with one brand for their entire lives and those who multiply sponsorships throughout their careers. And it is not for lack of offers. After France’s victory in the 2018 World Cup, some 200 sponsorship proposals arrived at their offices, but all of them met a demanding selection criteria.

In the case of the young footballer born in Bondy, on the outskirts of Paris, only five brands have made it through the demanding filter. In addition to Nike, the sportswear brand that has sponsored him since he was very young, among his small circle of sponsors, the Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot stands out.

Mbappé comes from scoring a triplet against Barcelona. (Instagram – @ k.mbappe)

The trust placed in Mbappé is the testimony of his healthy life, that of a great star of the football constellation who, unlike many of his peers, maintains a discreet life, as he is hardly seen outside the pitch anymore. the one that is not known out of tune.

According to various media, by limiting its sponsorships, the Mbappé company has managed to make these also of greater economic entity. Between Nike and Hublot it rakes in around 4 million euros per year. However, the family has also wanted the image of the footballer to be associated with other values ​​highly appreciated by today’s youth.

In this way, among its few sponsors, a brand of organic food products for children, Goog Goût, has emerged, which aims to reach 60 million in turnover in 2022, compared to 18 million last year, thanks in large part to the boost that supposes the image of the player.

Mbappé with one of his sponsors.  (Instagram - @ k.mbappe)
Mbappé with one of his sponsors. (Instagram – @ k.mbappe)

The fourth to arrive was the Japanese brand of beauty products for men Bulk, which also allows it to penetrate the juicy Asian market.

The circle closes with the video game brand EA Sports, very popular with young people.

According to France Football magazine, with all these contracts Mbappé exceeds 5 million euros in income per year, still far from other stars, but as his lawyer assures, the objective is not to earn much in a short time but to control his career and his image to extend it many years.

Source: EFE

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