Kyrie Irving taunts Lebron James after missing free throw

Kyrie Irving had a few words in the form of derision Lebron James will fail a free shot on the NBA.

Through the first confrontation between the Angels Lakers against the Brookly Nets in the NBA 2020, Irving saw how Lebron James missed a free throw, that’s when he went to the bench Lakers saying “This is the best free shot shooter you have.”

Here the video:

The rivalry between Kyrie Irving Y Lebron James was born when he decided to leave the Cavaliers asking for a change to management, however, this rivalry took more force after Irving said publicly that he had not played with any player who can take the last shot in the NBA.

Both players played together for three seasons in the Cleveland Cavaliers, there they went to three finals of the NBA and they conquered the most dramatic after making a 3-1 comeback.

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