La Gruyère | Marc Aymon and Jérémie Kisling treat themselves to the castle life

Thu, 17. Sep. 2020

The French-speaking musicians Marc Aymon and Jérémie Kisling are spending this week in residence at the Château de Gruyères, composing there under the public eye. “A way to get back on the road.”


With the bag and the guitar slung over the shoulder, Marc Aymon and Jérémie Kisling arrive at the Château de Gruyères, cross the courtyard and the barriers. They are at home this week, in artistic residency. Every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., French-speaking musicians work there on the composition of new songs, under the astonished, indifferent, curious or won-over eyes of visitors. Thus, in the maze of corridors, piano notes resonate. Not baroque on harpsichord, but pop on pianoforte, the famous instrument made for Franz Liszt, which sits in the music room. “The castle takes …

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