La Jornada – UANL medical students announce strike; they demand to be vaccinated

Monterrey, NL. Students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León announced a stoppage of activities, because they do not have the necessary security to face the coronavirus.

More than 450 students of the eleventh and twelfth semester of the medical career, who collaborate in various activities of Pediatrics, Neurosurgery and Emergencies of the University Hospital, demanded to be vaccinated against the disease or that their guards be canceled due to the danger of being infected.

“We are in dire need of resorting to a stoppage of activities that cannot be considered malicious or outside our vocation of service.

“We affirm that this is not due to not wanting to continue serving, but rather to the fact that we do not have the resources to continue serving as we have done so far,” they said in a document.

The students also threatened to hold protests outside the hospital and in front of the Government Palace until they were heard.

According to the students, because the University classifies them as “students in clinical rotation”, they cannot access the anticovid vaccines that the entity has.


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