La Roja demands from FIFA that Argentina is not local in Santiago del Estero

Next Thursday Chile will have a hard commitment for the Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. La Roja, in its fifth duel of the process, must be measured as a visit against the powerful Argentina.

A match that is already taking place off the pitch, with the La Roja leadership filing a claim with FIFA.

The reason? In the Chilean representative there is annoyance and they feel harmed with the, until now, venue of the event: Santiago del Estero.

The aforementioned trans-Andean town does not have an enabled international airport, due to the pandemic, so Chile would have to arrive in Buenos Aires and from there move again, which they consider a risk in every sense.

The distance between the two cities is almost a thousand kilometers, which, on a second flight, would be approximately 2 more hours of travel. On the road and by land, it takes about 12 hours.

Thus, Chile asked FIFA to intervene and order the match in Buenos Aires, detailed the ESPN journalist who covers the national cast, Christopher Brandt.

What does the regulation say?

The national claim is fully adjusted to the FIFA regulations for its World Cup-related competitions.

Article 21 is forceful: “In principle, the stadium may not be located more than 150 km from the nearest international airport, and said journey, on the road, it should not exceed 2 hours in duration ”.

“If the Federations do not reach an agreement on the venue for the matches, the FIFA organizing committee will make a final decision,” he added.

In this way, it only remains to wait. For now, the game is still agreed for next Thursday, June 3 at the Unique Stadium in Santiago del Estero.


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