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Lambdates hopes to provide this money to support open source innovation in software testing frameworks and toolsets. that will bring good results to the wider community

LambdaTest, the leading continuous software quality testing platform in the cloud. Announcing a $250,000 grant to open source developers developing frameworks and testing tools. Lambdates hopes to provide this money to support deep innovation. To push the limits of quality assurance and software testing.

“We are excited to announce a $250,000 open source grant from LambdaTest. This is one of the many initiatives we would like to continue to support innovation in the testing space. The software industry is all about solving problems together. and share them with our world,” said Maneesh Sharma, COO of Lambdates. We believe there is still a lot of innovation that our open source and testing community can drive. We hope to use this funding to spark discussion. give feedback and share what we learn to encourage our testing community to move forward. We have already certified Selenium, Playwright, and Appium to provide skills to the community. We hope funding like this plays a big role in building a game-changing testing stack. to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.”

Open-source developers developing projects related to frameworks and testing tools. and has contributed to or is a moderator of one or more open source testing projects are eligible for this grant. They also need to have a profile on GitHub that tells their experience. and provides information about the role they play in the open source project and the community as a whole. How will this grant help develop a project or community?

Lambdates has also created a GitHub Collection of open source testing frameworks and tools for the community to reference. Open source for testing needs. with the opportunity to use the product for free including the main browser and mobile app testing platform. and hyperexecute (HyperExecute), an intelligent test execution platform. Those interested in applying for the grant can find more information about Lambdates open source programs and grants at https://www.lambdatest.com/open-source-grants

About Lambdates

LambdaTest is a continuous software quality testing platform in the cloud. It helps developers and testers develop code faster. More than 7,000 customers and one million users in more than 130 countries rely on LambdaTest for their software testing needs.
The Lambda Test platform provides a secure, scalable, and in-depth test integration service for customers at various points of the DevOps lifecycle (CI/CD):

  • Browser & App Testing Cloud allows users to run automated and automated testing of web and mobile applications across browsers, real devices. and over 3,000 different operating system environments
  • Hyper execute (HyperExecute) helps customers run tests and synchronize their test grids in the cloud for all platforms and programming languages. with high speed to shorten quality testing time This allows developers to build software faster.

Find out more at https://lambdatest.com

Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1721228/Lambda_Test_Logo.jpg

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