Lando Norris in hospital after his crash in the Raidillon

Entering the third and final part of the qualifying session for the 2021 Belgian F1 Grand Prix, raced in very rainy conditions at the time, Lando Norris, among the first drivers on the track in Q3, set off in the Raidillon de l’Eau Rouge. However, when he arrived at the middle of the turn, his McLaren MCL35M stalled by starting in a slight aquaplaning, before going completely into a spin when his pilot tried to control this glide.

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Immediately, the orange single-seater crashed sideways into the inner tire wall near the top and was spun around the other side of the track, into the outer loophole, reduced to a state of disrepair. wreckage and spreading debris over the area, including a wheel located almost at the Raidillon rope point. The red flag was immediately raised. Norris obviously never lost consciousness as he quickly responded to his racing engineer over the radio. As he left his tub by himself, he was still holding one arm at the elbow and seemed to limp slightly.

After going through the medical center, as procedure dictates in this type of violent incident, Norris was transferred to a hospital for an elbow x-ray, as a precaution. “Following his accident during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, Lando was examined at the track medical center and then sent to a local hospital for a precautionary x-ray of his elbow. A new update will be released in due time “McLaren said around 5:30 p.m.

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