Landshut vaccination center: Prioritization canceled: Vaccination possible from 16 – City of Landshut

However, incomplete data is only rarely the reason why vaccination invitations are not currently accepted, says Schindler. Because: “Many of those affected have in the meantime received an appointment elsewhere, but have not signed off with BayIMCO. And some have simply changed their mind and now want to wait until autumn. “

The development is problematic because two injections are usually necessary for an immunization and it therefore takes at least six to eight weeks from the first bite before full vaccination protection is established. “If a new wave really should come in autumn, it is actually too late to protect yourself against infection for a short time by vaccination,” says Schindler. “Anyone who hesitates to vaccinate himself should consider that.”

Advance vaccination campaign in summer

Lord Mayor Alexander Putz agrees with these admonishing words: “Especially with a view to the more contagious Delta variant, which is spreading rapidly across Europe, a full vaccination is probably the only way to effectively protect yourself and your fellow human beings from Covid disease.”

One should therefore not be blinded by the currently quite quiet infection situation, but must use the summer months to advance the vaccination campaign and to immunize large parts of the population against the virus. “In this way we can significantly reduce the risk of another wave in autumn – and thus also the risk of renewed restrictions that nobody really wants,” says Putz, who himself received his second dose of vaccine at the beginning of the month.

Half of Landshut vaccinated for the first time

By the way, around half of all citizens of the city of Landshut have now received at least one initial dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. A good 35 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. With both values, the city of Landshut is roughly in line with the national average.

Appointments can be made by telephone at the vaccination center in Landshut under the numbers 0171/5578372, 0171/5580958, 0171/5582365, 0170/4116949, 0171/5582676 and 0171/5581257.


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