Laudya’s Ex-Husband Cynthia Bella Praises Ex-Wife, Calling Mother Extraordinary


Wedding Laudya Cynthia Bella and Engku Emran is finished, Mother. However, the personal lives of the two still continue to be a concern of netizens.

Previously, both Emran and Bella had closed meetings regarding the end of their relationship. This has also attracted the curiosity of netizens.

But finally Bella also directly conveyed that the marriage she had built since September 8 2017 with the Duda from Malaysia had run aground.

Warganet then supported Bella to get up from her sadness. Many also pray that Bella will be reunited with a mate that fits her.

Meanwhile, the life of Bella’s ex-husband is now also not free from the attention of netizens. After the divorce, Emran is known to spend more time with his friends. One of the activities he often does is cycling.

Not only that, some time ago Emran was also seen changing his appearance. He let his hair grow long.

Still through his uploads, Engku Emran also looks closer to God. On several occasions he attended sermons at the mosque to deepen his religious knowledge.

It seems that all of Emran’s uploads have caught the attention of netizens, Mother. Including the latest uploads at this time.

Engku Emran uploaded a photo of his daughter, Aleesya, and his ex-wife, Erra Fazira. In the upload, Emran did not hesitate to praise his ex-wife.

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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari

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