Law enforcement in the face of demonstrations, floods in the United States and PS5 in sight

CRS, in Vélizy on September 11, 2020. – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

Did you miss the news from the start of the morning? We have concocted a recap to help you see more clearly.

Several unions and student organizations will demonstrate this Thursday for employment, wages and the withdrawal of the pension reform. But, due to the health crisis, the number of participants will be reduced. Some 5,000 people at most per procession, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Regardless of their number, the police will be mobilized to ensure the smooth running of the events organized in several cities in France. 20 Minutes takes stock for you on the preparation of the police for these gatherings.

After the fires in California, the United States is once again affected by a disaster. Submerged streets and power cuts: the US state of Alabama and northwest Florida were swept away Wednesday by the rains of Hurricane Sally, which caused “catastrophic” flooding. In total, more than 500,000 homes no longer had electricity Wednesday morning in these two states. The country will have to get used to these extreme situations. As the surface of the oceans warms, hurricanes are getting stronger every year. Paulette, René, Teddy and Vicky: with Sally, no less than five storms broke out simultaneously over the Atlantic in early September, a record since 1971.

We know the start date of the next console war. On Wednesday evening, Sony made official the release date and the price of the Playstation 5. It will be launched in November (the 12th in North America, Japan, South Korea, Oceania and Mexico) and the 19th in the rest of the world including France. The premium model will cost 499 euros, and the “digital edition” version without a Blu-ray player 399 euros. Microsoft had announced the Xbox series X and S for November 10 at 499 and 299 euros.

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