Layout “Carbon Neutral” Main Track Huatai Berry Photovoltaic ETF Feeder Fund will be issued on the 29th_Investment

Original title: Layout of the main track of “carbon neutrality” Huatai Berry Photovoltaic ETF feeder fund will be launched on the 29th

Under the continuous stimulus of favorable policies, photovoltaics have become a hot topic in the capital market. To help over-the-counter investors grasp relevant investment opportunities, Huatai Berry will launch the China Securities Photovoltaic Industry ETF Feeder Fund (Type A code 012679/Type C code 012680) from July 29, opening up an over-the-counter fund for investors Layout the fast track of the main track of “carbon neutrality”.

It is reported that the Huatai Berry Photovoltaic ETF feeder fund will directly connect to the photovoltaic ETF (515790), which has the largest market size and liquidity. The scale of the product has approached 10 billion in only 10 trading days, and the average daily turnover exceeds 800 million. Investors are welcome. (Data source: Exchange, as of June 30, 2021) According to Wind data, as of the end of June this year, the China Securities Photovoltaic Industry Index has returned more than 107% in the past year, which is surprisingly explosive.

At present, “carbon neutrality” and “carbon peaking” have become the consensus and mission of the world. One of the most feasible measures to achieve carbon neutrality is to build a new high-proportion renewable energy power system, maximize the flexibility of photovoltaic application forms, and develop new application scenarios. This is also the recent popularity of photovoltaic power generation from all walks of life. The main reason.

In the era of parity, photovoltaic cost advantages are obvious. According to data from China Photovoltaic Industry Association CPIA, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has been comparable to that of traditional thermal power. Under the guidance of the “carbon neutral” goal, my country’s photovoltaic industry is expected to maintain rapid development. The Huatai Bai Rui Index Investment Department stated that although the photovoltaic industry is in a booming and high-growth stage with broad industry prospects, due to rapid technological changes, its competitive landscape has not yet stabilized. Leading companies have changed in the past ten years, and individual stock investment risks are relatively high. Therefore, for most investors, index investment will be the best choice to continue to lock in dominant stocks and share the industry’s overall dividend. The Huatai Berry Photovoltaic ETF feeder fund to be sold this time is just such a product.

It is worth mentioning that, as one of the first ETF suppliers in China, Huatai Berry started the exploration of the ETF field as early as 2006 and has maintained a record of 15 years of zero-error operation. Nowadays, index investment has become a banner of Huatai Bai Rui. It not only has two top-tier products, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 ETF (510300) and the dividend ETF (510880), which are the largest in market size and liquidity, but also the first one. Photovoltaic ETF (date of establishment 20/12/7), the first rare earth ETF (date of establishment 21/2/26), the first southbound trading 50 ETF (date of establishment 20/12/30), the first Shanghai-Hong Kong interlinked ETF (established Date 21/5/24) and many other popular ETFs, with shining stars, leading the way. As of the end of June, the scale of Huatai Berry’s non-money ETF management exceeded 87 billion yuan, ranking the forefront of the market (data source: Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange).

Fund investment needs to be cautious, please refer to legal documents for details.

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