Le Matin – Death of Nina Banon, an icon of the Moroccan media landscape

Journalist Nina Banon, one of the first Moroccan women to do journalistic work, recently died in Casablanca.

This icon of the Moroccan media landscape was a woman of culture and knowledge, a nationalist and an expert in the history of Moroccan Jews, said the president of the Ribat Al-Fath Association, Abdelkrim Bennani, in a statement to MAP.

Ms. Banon got involved in journalism in 1950, at Radio Tanger International, from where she broadcast “with great courage” content linked to nationalist action against the French and Spanish occupation, Mr. Bennani said. .

With her broad culture, she did a wonderful job in the journalistic field, he observed, highlighting the actions of the deceased in the cultural field, in particular her book on Moroccan Judaism, translated into several languages. .


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