Le Matin – Morocco-Germany: An amount of 40 MDH allocated to a research & development program

An amount of 40 million dirhams (MDH) has been mobilized to finance a research and development program, initiated within the framework of Moroccan-German cooperation for the year 2021.

In this regard, a call for tenders to finance this program was launched at the initiative of the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research and the German Federal Ministry of ‘Education and research, the objective being to promote international cooperation in scientific research.

In a press release, the Ministry of National Education indicates that the program aims to intensify cooperation between Moroccan and German researchers and to better involve the industrial sector in order to promote the results of research in the two countries. And to specify that they relate in particular to fields related to water and the environment, climate change, biodiversity, agrifood sciences, renewable energies and energy efficiency, biomedical research and intelligence. artificial.

In addition to the mobility of researchers, the program emphasizes the allocation of scholarships for the benefit of Moroccan students to carry out doctoral theses within the framework of a joint supervision between Moroccan and German universities, as well as on logistical support. to research work.

In addition, the Department of Higher Education and Scientific Research specifies that the last deadline for submitting projects is November 1, 2020 via the link https://ptoutline.eu/app/pmars_2020. The same source notes that the electronic sites of the ministry https://www.enssup.gov.ma and the German International Bureau https://www.bmbf.de/foerderungen/bekanntmachung-3139.html provide additional information on the research program.


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