League of Nations: After the World Cup, the Euro and the Confederations Cup, France completes its record

It is not the most prestigious, of course. But it counts and, better, does good. A little more than three months after the Bucharest crash and the elimination in the round of 16 of the Euro, by Switzerland (3-3, 5 tab to 4), Didier Deschamps’ players went through the catch-up box and negotiated this Italian hook rather well by winning the League of Nations. A breathtaking victory Thursday against Belgium (3-2), also a stunning success this Sunday against Spain (2-1): packed, it’s weighed.

Three years after winning its second World Cup, the French team won its first League of Nations and can therefore boast of having won all the titles that are at stake today.

Nations League – Finals

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Two World Cups (1998, 2018), two European Championships (1984, 2000) and therefore a League of Nations. Add to that international competitions that have disappeared, such as the Confederations Cup. The French got their hands on it at the start of the 21st century, with a triumph in South Korea / Japan in 2001 and at home in 2003.

Les Bleus de Platoche also won the short-lived International Cup of Nations, a match between the European champion and the South American champion, in 1985 (victory over Uruguay, 2-0). What about the Olympics? France won gold in 1984 but the success is to the benefit of the Olympic team and not the A.

Kylian Mbappé overjoyed after the title of the France team in the Nations League

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Nations League – Finals

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Nations League – Finals

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