Leaked photos reveal that another Xbox console is coming

This fall, both Sony and Microsoft will be launching new consoles, the PlayStation 5 and X.box Series X. But there have also been rumors that Microsoft has another ace up its sleeve: a slightly less powerful console called the Xbox Series S that will live side by side with its big brother. Now it seems as if the console has been revealed.

According to The Verge has it appeared genuine screenshots of the boxes that house the new Xbox Series X controllers. It is Twitter user @zakk_exe who should have gotten hold of one of the new controllers now.

On the package you can see that the controller should work with both Xbox Series X, but also Xbox Series S. You can see the photos in the Tweet below.

The assumption is that the Series S will be like a little brother to the more powerful – and more expensive – Xbox Series X. What specifications the Series S will get we do not know for sure yet, but rumors are talking about 7.5 GB of RAM, a graphics card that delivers about 4 teraflops against Series X’s 12.15, and the same processor that sits in Xbox Series X. Whether the console gets a disk drive or not is uncertain.

Such things are now, we predict that Microsoft will unveil the box in not too long, possibly now in August.

We have actually heard rumors of the Xbox Series S as far back as 2018. Then we wrote about the two upcoming consoles for Microsoft that went by the code names Anaconda and Lockhart. Anaconda should be the most powerful, while Lockhart should be a cheaper variant with a little less impact. It is likely that it is these two consoles that have become Series X and Series S now.

Both PlayStation 5 in its two variants – one with disk drive and one without – and Xbox Series X released in late fall once. That Series S will also come then is likely.

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