Learn to dance like in Hawaii and Tahiti

The Volkshochschule Schweinfurt offers interesting courses and seminars, taking into account the necessary hygiene measures, which only start later in the semester and which you can therefore register for later as long as there are still free places. Here is an overview: “You are what you think!”, “Better to be safe than free?” And “The good conversation” are topics of three seminar evenings, which are about getting to the bottom of things by accelerating and information overload is opposed to philosophical reflection and substance.

“Be relaxed parents despite Corona” – a Saturday morning offer provides practical everyday impulses for the parents who are often called upon as educators, entertainers and substitute teachers; “Wellbeing impulses for teachers”, an afternoon offer, helps to stay in a professional and personal center even in restless, unpredictable times.

There is also an introduction to personality psychology, self-hypnosis, biography work, dealing with test anxiety and education for reading and spelling weaknesses and seminars on money and law. Genealogy, the last-aid course and an interesting offer in cooperation with the Natural Science Association, the Tourist Info and the Anthroposophical Society are back on the vhs program, as most of them came to the pandemic at short notice in the last semester despite many registrations. Prevention had to be canceled.

At the beginning of each month, entry into the distance workshops in the literature area is possible. You can choose from the following topics: “Haiku – An introduction to theory and practice”, “Writing short stories – Introduction or advanced course”, “Creative writing – Introductory or advanced course” and “Individual author training”.

On Saturday, October 10th, an oriental dance workshop will be offered to everyone, with and without previous knowledge. Basic movements and dance figures are learned or refreshed and combined with steps to form small combinations. On Saturday, October 17th, beginners can learn dances from Hawaii (Hula) and Tahiti.

Happy painting is colorful and fun. Very special works of art are created with different materials under the guidance of art education. Previous knowledge is not required. On Saturday October 10, a child and parent can work side by side. The course on Sunday October 11th is for adults only. Children from 6-12 years are welcome on Saturday October 24th.

From Thursday, October 15th, you can try out the varied art of etching technique. The first prints can be taken home after the first few evenings.

The theory of flight technique will be introduced on four course evenings from Monday, October 19. There are first insights into aerodynamics, aviation regulations, flight navigation and the construction of aircraft.

Tidying up at home with order and system – a workshop on Tuesday, October 20 will show how it works. Practical helpers such as clothes lifts, folding technology and much more are presented and discussed with which rules an organization system works permanently and saves space.

Registration primarily online via the homepage www.vhs-schweinfurt.de, by e-mail or by telephone (all telephone numbers are open for this purpose) or by fax.

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