Lebanon regrets the outcome of the relations between Algeria and Morocco and calls for solidarity and interdependence between the Arab countries – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants pointed out that “Lebanon regrets the outcome of the relations between Algeria and Morocco, and affirms its keenness, which is the founding member of the League of Arab States, and committed to its covenants, to strengthen brotherhood and cooperation among member states. He also reiterates his firm and historical position calling for solidarity and interdependence among all Arab countries, because of their common interests to address the challenges facing the entire nation.

And she indicated in a statement, that “Lebanon, which has strong brotherly relations with Algeria and Morocco, wishes the two countries well, and hopes that it will be able to address the causes of the dispute between them through brotherly and diplomatic means, and on the basis of mutual respect for the sovereignty of each and the preservation of the interests of the two countries, in a way that secures the return of the relationship between them to its natural course.”

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