Lebron James and his Lakers teammates publish a message against racism, outraged by the murder of George Floyd

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“If you are not with us, we are not with you,” wrote several players on their Instagram accounts.

Sports figures are also showing their outrage at the murder of African-American George Floyd, who is causing massive protests in the United States.

Thus, Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James shared a short message on his Instagram account: “If you are not with us, we are not with you.”

The same text was published by his colleagues Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso, Kile Kuzma, Danny Green and Dwight Howard, who in this way supported James’s message.

Previously, other black sports stars spoke out against racism on their social media. 23-time Grand Slam tournament winner Serena Williams posted a video and wrote that “she still can’t find words to express how sad she feels.”

Briton Lewis Hamilton, 6-time Formula 1 world champion, shared the same video under the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

The murder of George Floyd

George Floyd died in a Minneapolis hospital after police officer Derek Chauvin put his knee around his neck for more than 8 minutes when he was arrested on May 25. The agent was arrested on May 29 and has been charged with murder and third degree involuntary manslaughter. Floyd’s death caused massive protests in several US cities, some of which ended in riots and looting.


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