Lebron James the first player to win a billion dollars in the NBA

The Anegeles Lakers player, Lebron James is the first player in the NBA to win a trillion from Dollars in his career.

The superstar Lebron James evidently he has a great fortune due to his big contracts, business with NIKE, many advertisements, movies, etc.

Now officially Lebron James became the first player to win a trillion dollars in the history of the NBA.

For many it will not be very surprising news, since many expected this data due to the great marketing it has Lebron James as a player of the NBA y so much more now that Space Jam 2 is out.

LeBron James He is the first active NBA player to earn a billion dollars ($ 1B) in earnings.
• $ 330M in the NBA.
• $ 700M off the court.

Here the data:

LeBron James is officially the first player in the NBA player to reach $ 1 billion in career earnings.

Lebron James on the NBA By teams in his career he has only earned 387, 384, 119 million dollars so far. This season Lebron James averaged 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game in the NBA with the Angeles Lakers.

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