LEGO unveils new Super Mario sets!

LEGO is once again joining forces with Nintendo and will soon offer seven new packs featuring the most famous mustached plumber on the planet. Arrival expected on January 1, 2021.

Credit: LEGO

Family LEGO Super Mario will grow in 2021! On January 1, the Danish brick builder will launch no less than seven new sets. These new references are all visible in a trailer shared by the YouTube account of LEGO, below.

We first find a main set, a Maker Set “Invent your adventure », Containing enemies and bricks to create levels from scratch. This LEGO Super Mario starter pack contains almost 366 pieces and will retail for 59,99 euros. It will be enough for many fans of LEGO and the mustached Italian plumber, but there are, in addition, many extensions to add spice to the parties. These different extensions are sold at oscillating prices between 19.99 euros and 99.99 euros and offer new characters, including new enemies, but also other costumes for Mario, like that of the Penguin or Tanuki. These costume packs will be offered individually at a price of 9.99 euros each, with 18 pieces for the pack. « Power-Up Mario Pinguin » and 13 pieces for the «Mario Tanuki».

Among these extensions, we will find the pack « Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter », composed of 160 pieces and sold for € 24.99, the pack « Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge », composed of 267 pieces and sold for € 29.99 and finally the pack « Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge », composed of 374 pieces and sold for € 39.99. All these LEGO sets will be available from January 1, 2021 sure lego website and probably elsewhere.

LEGO 71360 Super Mario Adventures Starter Pack – Interactive Toy – Building Set including Minifigure



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