[Let’s Play with Samsung] ② A winning strategy for building a home gaming ecosystem ‘conveniently without worrying about devices’

The story behind the development of Samsung Gaming Hub Part 1Following that, this time, we will introduce the ‘practical’ stage to enjoy home gaming.

According to a 2021 report from the Entertainment Software Association of America, more than 200 million people in the United States are playing games. This can be interpreted as meaning that ‘at least one person in 3 out of 4 households plays a game’.

From game dreamers who could not overcome the complicated ‘equipment building wall’, such as purchasing a device, to home gamers who want to enjoy various digital download (DL) games at home, from console games.

Newsroom introduces how to enjoy home gaming, which is rapidly emerging as the center of home entertainment, more immersively with Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung’s ‘Gaming Hub’, the first step towards free home gaming

The biggest barrier to home gaming is that the initial setup, such as purchasing various devices, is complicated and expensive. In particular, console games have exclusive game titles for each device, so if you want to enjoy them in a variety of ways, you need to purchase each console device separately.

The same goes for PC games. It is essential to build parts and peripherals for smooth game progress, such as CPU, graphic card, and monitor. Gamers who purchase games in the DL version have the inconvenience of having to delete existing games to free up storage space whenever new games are installed due to capacity.

It is possible with Samsung’s ‘Gaming Hub’, an environment where you can freely enjoy home gaming without these restrictions. Gaming Hub is a streaming game platform interworking service. It is provided in the form of adding a game-only tab to the existing Samsung ‘Smart Hub’ screen.

There is no need for a separate high-end PC or console device. With one controller, you can enjoy games on a Samsung Smart TV, so there is no burden of purchasing a device. In addition, you can enjoy the game through a streaming service, so you don’t have to worry about storage capacity, just select the game title as if you were watching a drama or movie.

In the Gaming Hub, you can play games from various partners such as NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Utomik. In particular, the first ‘Xbox Game Pass’ in the TV industry[1]It also supports various Xbox exclusive games.

It is also attractive that games started on TV can be continued on tablet PCs and smartphones. When you log in to the cloud service on a TV, tablet PC, or smartphone, the save files between devices are linked. You can build an environment where you can play games anywhere in the house, regardless of the device.

‘From LAN travel to coding study’, home gaming custom scenario

It’s not always fun to win. Just playing the game is a joy in itself. What are some games that can increase the pleasure of ‘seeing’ with colorful graphics, regardless of the game?

If you want to go anywhere right now, let’s go on a LAN trip around the world with ‘Flight Simulator’. ‘Flight Simulator’ is an airplane piloting simulator game that has been steadily loved since its release in 1982. The realistic visuals that seem to have moved from an actual city and the detailed description of natural landscapes such as the sunset and city lights are attractive. In addition, it gives you the pleasure of playing with 99% the same level of detail as flying an airplane.

For families who enjoy playing games with their children, ‘Minecraft’ is recommended. ‘Minecraft’ is a sandbox game in which you freely create space through mining, farming, and hunting in a world made of square blocks. Before the night comes when monsters haunt you, you need to build a house to protect yourself in order to survive. You can learn the basics of development such as coding and design, and it is also used for educational purposes. Various strategies are available online, so users who are not familiar with the game can easily access it.

Recently, an action-adventure version of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ has been released, where you travel around the area and defeat monsters. Online multiplayer is also possible, but take turns defeating enemies with the joystick together with your family. You will have another fun experience.

‘Your own playground’ completed with Samsung Neo QLED

The most important piece of equipment for home gaming is the display. This is because the display affects not only the immersion of the game, but also the victory. Let’s pay attention to the only one ‘multiplayer’ that can complete your own playground, the 2022 Samsung Neo QLED.

Quality is basic. Samsung Neo QLED realizes the world in the game with the best picture quality with 100% color volume and enhanced black detail. Not only can you enjoy vivid high-resolution graphics, but it also captures the appearance of enemies hiding in the dark.

Various functions that enhance the ‘taste of the game’ are also installed. ‘Motion Turbo Pro’ technology that realizes fast game motion of up to 4K@144Hz and ‘FreeSync Premium Pro’ that minimizes input delay or screen tearing are applied. Thanks to this, high-end games can be played smoothly and lively, regardless of game genre, from first-person shooter (FPS) games that require fast response to racing games with various screen changes.

Another advantage is that you can enjoy the 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios on a larger screen, which were only enjoyed on gaming monitors. The industry’s first ‘Ultra Wide View’ is provided, so you can enjoy the game without blind spots by securing the viewing angle that was missed in the 16:9 aspect ratio. It also supports a ‘multi-view’ function that can display two or more videos at the same time, so you can play while referring to the strategy.

I didn’t miss the sound either. Neo QLED is equipped with ‘Moving Sound Pro+ (OTS Pro+)’ technology. Moving Sound Pro+ (OTS Pro+) is a technology that matches sound with the movement and directionality of objects in the video. It is possible to realize three-dimensional sound, so you can feel a sense of reality as if you were in the game world.

Home entertainment is loved because it is the most convenient way to enjoy your favorite hobbies in a comfortable space. The era of true home gaming has opened, where you can enjoy the pleasure of games as easily as watching TV programs. The only thing you need to enjoy the game is a Samsung TV. How about immersing yourself in a wider world of games with Samsung TV?

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