Lewis Hamilton injured his back “will not miss the F1 Canadian Grand Prix”[F1-Gate .com]

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 has announced that he will race at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, despite suffering from severe back pain.

Mercedes F1 is the team that was hit hardest by “porpoising” or “bouncing”, and Lewis Hamilton said on Sunday at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix that he “can’t stand back pain” and “the race is over. I was praying, “he said after the race.

Despite struggling with intense bouncing, George Russell took the podium in 3rd place and Lewis Hamilton finished the race in 4th place. But Hamilton hurt his back so much that he couldn’t get out of the car at Parc Ferme.

It was the extent of his injury that Mercedes F1 team representative Toto Wolff even said he was skeptical about whether Lewis Hamilton would race at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

However, Lewis Hamilton has so far overturned those concerns and confirmed his goal of participating in the Canadian Grand Prix.

“I had a hard time yesterday and had trouble sleeping, but today I woke up with a positive feeling,” Lewis Hamilton posted on social media.

“My back hurts a little and is hurt, but thankfully nothing is serious. I got acupuncture and physiotherapy from Angela (Karen / Physiotherapy prefecture trainer), and I am for improvement. Working with the team of

“We have to keep fighting. I’m there this weekend. I won’t miss it for the world. I wish you a wonderful day and week with everyone.”

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When asked about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton missing the Canadian Grand Prix after the Azerbaijan race, Toto Wolff said “no doubt.”

“I haven’t met or talked to him, but I know this isn’t myalgia anymore,” Toto Wolff said.

“That is, it can reach the spine in earnest and have some consequences. He’s really bad. You have to find a solution.”

“At this stage, I think he’s probably the most influenced of all the drivers, but as far as the drivers understand, most people say they need to do something. I can’t explain what it is. “

Mercedes F1 introduced the upgrade for the first time this season at the Spanish Grand Prix. This seemed to solve the porpoising problem that had been plagued since the beginning of the year.

On Saturday in Baku, George Russell suggested that the Mercedes problem was related to ride height and that the car was bottoming on bumpy roads.

“I think they are very interrelated,” Toto Wolff said of porpoising and car bottoming.

“There are trucks that experience the aeropopoise phenomenon, bouncing trucks, and trucks that the car is bomming, so it’s not clear. It’s all interrelated with the aerodynamic performance of the floor.”

The Mercedes F1 is listed by Formula E drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries as reserve drivers, one of whom will take the place if Lewis Hamilton is deemed unfit for next week’s race. there’s a possibility that.

“The solution might be to reserve someone. In any case, we have a reserve in every race to make sure our car runs,” Toto Wolff said.

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