LGA 17xx and 18xx sockets, their plastic protection is revealed

A photo shows the plastic protection accompanying the next LGA 17xx and 18xx series sockets. These novelties are expected in the coming months.

Core 12 processorsth generation will introduce a new socket, the LGA 1700. Clearly, a change of motherboard will be required to use them. For the moment this socket has not really been photographed. While waiting for a leak reveals the small protection accompanying the Intel sockets. It protects the various pins.

Alder Lake, a hybrid architecture through the LGA 1700 socket

Protection for LGA 17xx and LGA 18xx sockets

The LGA 1700 will normally be operated for two generations of Core processor (Alder Lake and its successor Raptor Lake). Then Intel should launch Meteor Lake from a 7nm engraving. It is not impossible that the socket used is an LGA 18xx. This would explain its mention on protection. We also have a clue that the two solutions have a similar external format.

Alder Lake will normally be PCIe 5.0 compatible while providing support for PCIe 4.0. Expect WiFi 6E (Gig +), Thunderbolt 4 and DDR5 and DDR4 support for the desktop platform versus LPDDR5 and LPDDR4 for the mobile platform (laptop). Finally, it is likely that Alder Lake Desktop motherboards will offer an ATX12VO power connector. Intel will offer a hybrid architecture combining large cores and more energy efficient cores.

Regarding the range, it is expected

  • 8 GLC + 8 GRT and 6 GLC for desktop computers (S1 and S2 offers),
  • 6 GLC + 8 GRT and 2 GLC +8 GRT for laptops (P1 and P2 offers),
  • And 2 GLC + 8 GRT for ultra portable low consumption.

GLC is the contraction of Golden Cove and GRT of Gracemont.

Regarding the organization of the range we should have

  • Core i9 with 16C / 24T (C for cores and T for Thread),
  • Core i7 with 12 C / 20T,
  • Core i5 with (10C / 16T)

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