Li Jing blasted the inhumane treatment of the United States when he was admitted to the hospital and frankly confessed what he said now, “reporting his pants” | Social Affairs

The Hong Kong women’s table tennis team achieved good results in the Tokyo Olympics and won the bronze medal in the team competition. The city was excited. The head coach Li Jing made a big statement when interviewed. When winning the prize, he was excited and ecstatic. road. When Li Jing attended the Hong Kong and Taiwan program “Footprints of the Old” today, he was born in red pants and exploded with his bitter experience when he was admitted to the United States for a competition that year.

Coach Li Jing led the women’s table tennis team to achieve good results in the Tokyo Olympics.Profile picture

In the year of the 2004 Athens Olympics, Li Jing and Gao Lize formed a “Ping Pong Double Treasure” and won the men’s doubles silver medal. Many Hong Kong people still remember it. On the show, he talked about the anecdotes that happened to him as an athlete. He pointed out that when he was still a national team player before 1997, he went to Detroit to play a game, during which he went to a restaurant in Chicago to eat beef. Afterwards, he had to be admitted to a local hospital for food poisoning.

Li Jing said frankly that the local medical treatment was inhumane. During the hospitalization that year, the doctors and nurses directly took out the saline water from the ice store and gave them the treatment. Two minutes”, bluntly, if it is changed in the present, “I told him to throw off his pants.”

Kelly Online|Crimination of the inhumane treatment of Li Jing by American medical treatment

Many Hong Kong people still remember the combination of Li Jing (left) and Gao Lize (right).Profile picture

After returning to China, his body became very weak and even affected the central nervous system. Basic movements such as brushing teeth and drinking water became very difficult. He also tried two residents who passed away one night when he was admitted. He had no choice but to withdraw from the national team. He recovered after recuperating for a period of time before coming to Hong Kong to join the Hong Kong team through the excellent talent plan.

He said that he achieved a lot of good grades when he was a child, and became “good clamor” when he was young. Then he encountered difficulties, but after that, he tried to practice for a maximum of 10 hours a day through continuous hard work. Kong Linghui, Liu Guoliang and others have become the golden generation of Chinese table tennis.

Kelly Online|Crimination of the inhumane treatment of Li Jing by American medical treatment

Coach Li Jing’s passion for the Olympics was expressed by Hong Kong people.Profile picture

Li Jing, who was born in Doumen, Zhuhai, mentioned that his parents had a great influence on his athlete career. Among them, his father had served as a soldier and a judge, and his mother was also admitted step by step as an engineer from the lowest point. Quite strict, “Seeing his spirit of struggle enters his mind, it turns out that if you struggle on your own, you can walk a long way.”


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