Li Yundi was arrested for prostitution…8 years ago the “Looking for Leehom Incident” was dug up. Liu Qian shouted: No one believed me at the time | Society | CTWANT

Li Yundi was detained for prostitution. (Photo/Flip photo on Weibo)

The well-known mainland pianist Li Yundi is known as the “Piano Prince” because of his handsome features and exquisite piano skills. Unexpectedly, he was arrested a few days ago for prostitution and fell from the cloud to the bottom overnight and became a bad artist. Li Yundi has appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala many times in the past, and has also passed on the same-sex ambiguous relationship with actor Wang Leehom. After the news came to light, Liu Qian, a magician who had performed on the same stage with Li, suddenly said, “No one believed what I said at the time,” which seemed to allude to the “Looking for Leehom” incident eight years ago.

It is understood that Liu Qian appeared on CCTV’s “Spring Festival Gala” four times in 2013 and collaborated with Li Yundi on “Magic Qin”. In one of the performances, he listened to the headset and said, “Looking for someone, who to look for? Leehom?” was considered a dark one. The same-sex scandal between the acid partner and Wang Leehom caused an uproar. Afterwards, CCTV emphasized that “Liu Qian’s ridicule of Li Yundi and Wang Leehom was not designed by the director team, but Liu Qian played on the spot, which was purely personal.”

In this regard, Liu Qian’s agent, He Huangjie, came forward to complain, saying that the content of the relevant performance has been agreed with Li Yundi’s team in advance, or the other party first proposed to add the line. However, Li Yundi did not give any more explanation. I even posted on Weibo, “I have never suggested or proposed the content of the lines. I believe your judgment and I only hope that more good classical piano music can be brought to you.” Directly hit the face of Liu Qian’s statement.

Now that Li Yundi was arrested on suspicion of prostitution, the “Looking for Leehom” incident was once again dug up by netizens. Liu Qian also posted a post late at night on the 22nd, pointing out that “This can also be turned out… It’s ironic, no one believed it at the time.” I said.” The agent He Huangjie also responded underneath, “It’s not that I didn’t report, it turned out that the time has come! People! People!” The accident sparked discussion.

Lu Media reported that the mainland police recently caught a woman in prostitution near Sanlitun, Beijing, and then found Li Yundi’s contact information from her mobile phone, and learned that the man will return to Beijing from the airport on the 21st, guessing that the two parties have agreed on sex. , So he immediately went to the airport to arrest the person; after Li Yundi arrived at the case, he frankly confessed to the crime and revealed that each time a prostitute was a real-name transfer, the transaction amount was 10,000 yuan (about 44,000 NT dollars).

Liu Qian responded with a post.  (Picture/Flip from Weibo)
Liu Qian responded with a post. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)


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