Liga Colombia: This is how the semifinal home runs of Colombian football were | sports

The free-for-all phase ended with the surprise of the classification of the America that he thrashed Pereira and the other results were given to him. Atlético Nacional and Millonarios were the seeded home runs and from then on they were sown: 3 (Tolima) and 4 (Junior), 5 (Pereira) and 6 (Alianza Petrolera) and 7 (Cali) and 8 (America).

The Group A was made up of: Atlético Nacional, Junior, Pereira and Cali

The B Group with: Millonarios, Tolima, Alianza Petrolera and America

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The first date will be disputed next weekend with the following matches:

Cali vs Pereira

Atlético Nacional vs Junior

America vs Millionaires

Alianza Petrolera vs Tolima

Let’s remember that they will be played 6 matches in a round all against all, round trip, and the first two of each group will play the final.

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