Liga MX. Gignac remembers great goal and asks chroniclers to narrate it VIDEO

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Mexico City / 05/09/2020 20:40:24


André-Pierre Gignac, forward of Tigers, recalled that in his opinion it is one of the best goals he has scored in his career, which he converted during his time as a footballer for Olympique de Marseille, but not only that but He took the opportunity to ask Mexican chroniclers and analysts how they would have narrated that much.

In the video the Frenchman is seen making a ‘little hat’ and without dropping the ball he takes a right hand to send the ball to the back of the goal; the forward of Tigers, Twitter tagged Luis Garcia, Paco Villa and Álvaro Morales, to ask them how they would have narrated or commented on both.

The first to answer was the analyst of Aztec TV, Luis Garcia, who wrote: “I would have asked you to make me 3,456,678 children dear @ 10APG“; while, Paco Villa, chronicler of TUDNHe commented: “Le Roi … Monsieur @ 10APG”.

Álvaro Morales made his version

The chronicler of ESPN, Álvaro Morales, it went further because minutes later published on his social networks the video of the Frenchman’s goal with his narration, a situation that generated many interactions between fans.



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