Ligature, hernia, vasectomy … A medical student hits the mark on TikTok by operating on a fruit

His videos have been a hit for a few weeks on TikTok. Robin Goncet, intern in 6th year of medicine in Grenoble (Isère), captivates Internet users with his surgical operations carried out… on fruit. The adventures of Samuel the banana, a heart transplant recipient, or Emma the orange, who had to undergo an emergency cesarean, have already been seen by hundreds of thousands of Internet users on social networks.

“It all started during the first confinement. I had just come out of a hand surgery internship, and I really missed not being able to practice anymore. Suddenly, I told myself that I was going to practice the suturing a little with the means at hand. And like any good medical student, I chose to do it on fruit. I then said to myself that I was going to put their eyes on them, give them a name and make videos with little stories that I would post on the Internet ”, explains to 20 minutes Robin Goncet.

“A way to popularize certain surgical interventions”

Orange, apple, pepper, avocado… Scalpel in hand, and wearing his white coat, Robin Goncet makes two videos of surgical operations every three weeks, which he then posts on his TikTok account called “Fruitrurgie”. The intern admits to having been surprised by the enthusiasm generated by his publications. “Basically I wanted to make these videos for fun. But very quickly, I said to myself that it was a good way to popularize certain surgical procedures, to explain how to proceed for more or less common surgeries, such as tubal ligation, inguinal hernia, extradural hematoma. , vasectomy… ”, explains the young man, originally from Chamonix (Haute-Savoie), who was able to benefit from equipment loaned by the hospital in which he works.

The medical student is now followed on TikTok by more than 245,000 followers, and his videos posted on social networks (TikTok and Instagram) total between 7 and 8 million views. Its audience, “Internet users not necessarily capable of watching a real operation with blood”, “people curious to know how the operations they have undergone”, or even “medical students anxious to improve their learning. », Respond today to each new video, which has an average of several hundred thousand views. The next one should be posted next week. “It will be a question of infectious disease, I am going to operate on a fruit with an abscess which should be called Cyprien or Julien”.

Ligature, hernia, vasectomy… A medical student hits the mark on TikTok by operating on a fruit

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