Lightning decapitates occupants of a van

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Monday, May 10, 2021 at 5:44 PM – Lightning injured occupants of a pickup truck by propelling a huge chunk of asphalt directly into the vehicle’s windshield. Striking images bear witness to the incident.


A horrific incident occurred in the early morning of May 10 in Florida. Shortly after 7:30 am, Walton County emergency services responded to a call on Highway 10. According to their information, lightning struck the roadway. This thunderbolt would have shattered the asphalt.

A huge piece would have been thrown to pass through the windshields of this pickup truck. Both occupants of the vehicle were injured and were transported to hospital. At the time of this writing, the nature and severity of their injuries were unknown.

Authorities have reminded residents of this region to be extra careful in severe weather. Note that this orange-red color on the car windshield glass is only a reflection of emergency vehicle lights.

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