Ligue 1: Sofiane Diop, the nugget in the big heart of AS Monaco

This is the pleasant surprise of the beautiful Monegasque season. Despite a big competition among offensive players, Sofiane Diop, 20, went from the status of lofter to which he seemed doomed this summer to that of a holder who continues the remarkable performances as at the Park against PSG (2-0) where he scored his 6th goal of the season. Arrived in Monaco in 2018 from Rennes, Tourangeau had started in Ligue 1 and even experienced the Champions League with Leonardo Jardim and Thierry Henry before having to go to make his ranges in Ligue 2 in Sochaux, last season.

“At home, the value of work is very important and he has been able to overcome very hard times in his career”, explains Emmanuel Breton, who knew him at the sports section of the Corneille college in Tours (Indre-et-Loire) and who stayed close to him. “I went through all the phases in Monaco, sometimes complicated periods but I was able to raise my head. I drowned in work. It was not agreed that I play as much but, at the club, I was told that nothing was set in stone and that everything was possible, ”explains Diop whose mother is Moroccan and father Senegalese. His two brothers are also following in his footsteps, Edan, 16, plays with the Monaco U17s and Noam is in 6th grade in the same sport-studies where he had been.

“We are going through a difficult situation, helping people just seems normal to me”

“I had the three brothers,” resumes Emmanuel Breton. They are very respectful. Their parents are vigilant about the attitude that their children may have. Sofiane has values, an education and a stability which constitute the bases to last. He kept his friends in the neighborhood, he comes back to Tours as soon as he can, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. “

The Monaco attacking midfielder proved it by committing to the BLO association (Needs, Leisure, Organization) based in Blois through his friend Malamine Doumbouya, pro in Lorient (L1), who is in the vice -President. Diop has become a very active and involved sponsor. “We are going through a difficult situation at the moment, helping people seems just normal to me,” says Sofiane in the episode “Born here” which is dedicated to him on Vista_fr (available on Instagram).

“We call each other almost every day to take stock of the actions to be taken,” explains Basekhou Cissé, a 22-year-old student and president of the Association. He gives of his time, proposes ideas, he takes part in decisions. Many athletes help associations but I don’t think there are many who invest so much. Him, he does not do this for the image, but because it is really important to him to help others and to share. Initially, he wanted to do all this anonymously. “

“He kept the true sense of reality”

His charitable commitment shows in him a great maturity despite his 20 years and an openness to the world around him. “Sofiane is smart. He questions, wants to understand, inquires, ”underlines his trainer Niko Kovac. At the beginning of December, the French international among young people (U18 to U20) fully financed a distribution of food and basic necessities in the Sanitas district in Tours. A second operation took place last month in the Fontaines district, where he grew up.

“He certainly has a good life in Monaco, but he has not forgotten what real life is like, the poverty in our neighborhoods which has increased because of the Covid,” continues Basekhou Cissé. He kept the true sense of reality. In addition to his donations, he also gives us the benefit of his contacts and his network. Thanks to its sponsor Adidas, we were able to distribute 250 bags to disabled children in Blois. Besides the distributions, we have lots of projects like a big raffle with the jerseys of players from Monaco and L1 to be won or the opening of a solidarity and social grocery store. I think everything is linked. If Sofiane is having such a season, it’s because off the pitch he feels mentally fulfilled and calm. His good deeds contribute to this. “

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Leila and Manou Diop, her parents, are also very involved. “They come to do the distributions with us on weekends when Sofiane has a match and also play a role of facilitator on Tours by helping us with the administrative procedures”, continues Basekhou Cissé. “It all seems so obvious to me, when you can share, you have to do it,” explained Leila Diop in The New Republic. Money can quickly turn your head. But, around him, Sofiane has friends and his family who know how to put him back on the ground. Monaco is not real life. “

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