Lille disease: what virus is agitating social networks?

Many Lille residents are said to be affected by a mysterious infection. Social networks are agitated and call it: “Lille disease”. What exactly is this virus?

In recent days, a new disease has appeared: “Lille disease”. On social networks and in particular on Twitter, thousands of messages are posted to testify to the circulation of this virus in the Lille region, especially in the student sphere.

On the same subject

Reportedly, the condition resembles angina, with the main symptoms: cough, from sore throat or the runny nose. Of course, the health context pushes patients to carry out PCR tests, but these would appear to be systematically nrelated to Covid-19.

A return of the winter diseases involved

So, is “Lille disease” a new virus? Is this a new variant? Absolutely not, according to health professionals. For them, the “Lille disease” does not exist. It would simply correspond to the return of winter diseases, such as nasopharyngitis, bronchitis or angina.

These pathologies are quite frequent as winter approaches and especially at the time of climate change. Claudine Bourgoin-Dubremetz, general practitioner in Lille, questioned by the Parisian, confirms it: “They don’t come particularly early, it’s a usual time of year. And you have to put things in context: the young people have been isolated for two years, so seasonal infections increase as soon as you put them back together.

The “Covid effect”

This alarmist behavior on social networks would be linked to “the Covid effect”, according to geneticist Philippe Froguel. In the columns of La Voix du Nord, he quipped on the subject: “Today, as soon as someone has a crooked fart, there is a whistleblower mechanism that goes off. “

Faced with the buzz of this rumor, Public Health France should publish a study next week. The ARS of Hauts-de-France, for its part, affirms that “The suspicion of Covid could be ruled out” and recalls the importance of barrier gestures, which also protect against winter diseases.

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