Limp to Shaking, Sesame Reaction See Gisel’s Sex Video


Personal video case that overwrites Gisella Anastasia helped drag the name Wijaya Saputra alias Wijin. Because until now, Wijin is still Gisel’s lover.

On Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel, Wijin openly shared her reactions and feelings when she first saw an intimate video of her boyfriend, Gisella Anastasia, with another man. He admitted that he immediately felt weak when he saw that.

Wijin said that the first time he learned about Gisel’s personal video was spread from his friend. Initially, Wijin was reluctant to respond to news from his friend. But when he saw him, Wijin was immediately shocked until he was weak and trembling.

“I went to the toilet, I saw that, I was shaking (shaking), I was weak, I had no energy, I couldn’t cry. I could only pray and I was strengthened by God,” he said in the video.

Incidentally, at that time Wijin was with Gisel. He immediately invited Gisel to talk privately and asked his girlfriend to tell the truth.

“At that time when I was walking, I wanted to talk to you here, talk with humility and with my love for him, I got news like this,” he said.

When asked by Wijin, Gisella Anastasia immediately began eating. Seeing the tears falling on her lover’s face, Wijin immediately hugged Gisel to cheer her up.

“Gisel’s response is as usual he cries. I can only hug him. I said, you don’t have to be afraid, I’ll stay with you, let’s face it together,” he said.

Although seeing private videos of her past lover was spread, Wijin claiming to have no anger for Gisel. Instead, he thought it was a test God gave him for his relationship with Gisel.

“It’s strange that I don’t feel angry at all. It’s weird, you know. If it’s not God I don’t know,” he said.

He also decided to survive by continuing to build romance with Gisel, whatever his lover will face.

“I have a problem that he still supports me mentally, spiritually, he always speaks the word of God, he strengthens me there. Actually, the one who is more obedient now is like reading a day’s devotions. God touches him. He wants to grow together, so come on,” he said.

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