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Céline Minard is not a writer like the others. After Bacchantes and The Great Game, she comes back today with Plasmas, a tale of anticipation that disorients, defies space and time, to better speak of ourselves. A book of metamorphoses that takes the reader from one world to another without any borders.

In the new novel by Celine Minard, there is an octopus, whose ambition and the big game is to reach, even to exceed the border. What interests him is ” upset orders, reigns and genders by crossing them all, as easily as in freestyle ».

Maybe Céline Minard has already dreamed of being an octopus. What is certain is that she knows a thing or two about freestyle swimming and border crossing. His new book takes us from one world to another. With the flutter of a butterfly’s wing, we go from the confines of the universe to the abyss of the ocean. From a Californian laboratory to a hotel-casino on a Swiss lake. From a forest populated by great apes to a miniature horse farm in Siberia.

An astonishing book, both organic and technological, which in the guise of an anticipatory story speaks to us about ourselves, our relationship to time and to nature. Plasmas, by Céline Minard is published by Editions Rivages.

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