LIVE – Covid-19: a peak expected “at the end of December or in January” at the hospital, according to the AP-HP


“We have a situation in Guadeloupe which is absolutely intolerable and unacceptable,” said this Sunday on CNews Gabriel Attal. According to the government spokesperson, this situation is linked to the fact that there was a “very strong incentive to be vaccinated”, but there was “a small minority who were trying to convince Guadeloupe not to be vaccinated. vaccinate “. “Olivier Véran had noticed that there were conspiratorial speeches, false, relayed to caregivers so as not to be vaccinated.”

“This small minority which blocked by words, by words (…), today it is radicalized and it tries to block them, to intimidate them by violence”, he denounced, evoking “caregivers threatened”, “pharmacies prevented from opening” and “ambulances blocked on roadblocks”.

The reinforcements of police officers and gendarmes sent from metropolitan France, in particular units of the GIGN and the Raid, must arrive on Sunday in the island, he added in this interview to Europe 1, CNEWS and Les Echos.


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