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Quarantine rules for entry relaxed

The desire to travel is in the air! Germany for the time being waives the quarantine requirement for immigrants from the EU, the Schengen area and Great Britain. North Rhine-Westphalia had started. In the meantime, people are preparing for the upcoming holiday and weekend rush in many places.

You can read all information about the corona virus here.

TVNOW documentary: What we learn from the crisis

What lessons can we learn from the greatest post-war crisis so far? We spoke to experts. Was the state too inconsistent? Did the schools close too quickly? What to do about the hamster chaos? And what’s the real reason thousands of vacationers are stranded around the world? See the TVNOW documentary: “What we learn from the crisis”.


9:45 pm – Current figures from all over the world

country Infections dead Recover
Worldwide 4,586,915 309.184 1,656,497
United States


87,841 250.747
Russia 272,043 2,537 63.166
Great Britain 241.455 34,546 1,049
Spain 230,698 27,563 146,446
Italy 223,885 31,610 120.205
France 179,630 27,532 60,562
Germany 175,715 7,931 151,953

Source: Johns Hopkins University

8:33 pm – BKA: Right-wing extremists want to “exploit the situation for propaganda purposes”

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), right-wing extremists are trying to use protests against restrictions in the corona crisis. The right-wing camp is increasingly attracted to the demonstrations, said a BKA spokeswoman for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. There is still no evidence of “coordinated infiltration by right-wing extremists”. But it should be recognized that they tried to “instrumentalize the current situation for their propaganda purposes”.

7:20 pm – Saxony suspends compulsory school attendance for elementary school students

Elementary school students in Saxony are temporarily not required to attend classes. Two days before the planned reopening of schools and daycare centers after a two-month Corona mandatory break, the Ministry of Culture temporarily suspended the obligation to attend school for classes one to four on Saturday. There is still compulsory education, but parents can decide for themselves whether their children learn at school or at home, the ministry said.

With the decision, the authority responded to a judgment of the Leipzig Administrative Court on Friday. The latter had decided in a rush in favor of the parents of a seven-year-old who had turned against the opening of the elementary schools without observing the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

6:27 pm – Oliver Pocher meets Attila Hildmann – police intervene

As announced in his RTL show, Oliver Pocher met for a demonstration with vegan chef Attila Hildmann in Berlin. But before the mood of the bystanders boiled over, the police played it safe – and took Pocher away. Read more about the encounter between Corona-recovering Pocher and conspiracy theorist Hildmann here.

5:30 p.m. – Various demonstrations all around the country related to the corona virus

So far, it has seemed quiet – this is how the reports of the RTL reporters at demonstrations in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart can be summarized. The police force is large everywhere, and there have been isolated arrests. An overview of protests by opponents of the measures against the corona virus and counter-demonstrations can be found here.

4:30 p.m. – Robert Koch Institute: No reason to think about mandatory vaccination

The head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has spoken out against compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. “We have no reason to think about vaccination,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler in Schwerin on Saturday. Citizens would definitely be smart enough to know if there was a safe vaccine that would promote their health.

A working group was founded at the RKI a few weeks ago on the subject of vaccine. This would deal with it, if there was a vaccine, which population groups could be vaccinated and how.

15:55 – Finance Minister Scholz wants to help municipalities in the corona crisis

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has confirmed plans for a multi-billion dollar aid package to support municipalities. He called on the federal states to quickly come to a decision. “This is a debate that does not need any further postponement. It has to be conducted now, urgently and also with different views,” said Scholz on Saturday in Berlin. “The issue should not remain unsolved.”

Plans by the Ministry of Finance provide that the federal and state governments each take over half of a total amount of almost EUR 57 billion in order to compensate for trade tax losses in 2020 and to enable the highly indebted cities and municipalities to act.

3:31 p.m. – Bundesliga ghost game day is on

The Bundesliga is back – without spectators in the stadiums, with bizarre mask pictures in the run-up to the games and ghostly scenery. Read all about the action on the lawn – including at Derby BVB against Schalke 04 – in the live ticker here.

2:15 p.m. – Union wins significantly on RTL trend barometer in corona crisis

The Union is the political winner of the coronavirus crisis. In the RTL / ntv trend barometer, CDU / CSU have increased by eleven points to 39 percent since the beginning of the year. The SPD can benefit from crisis management with a gain of three points to 15 percent less. The biggest loser, according to the Forsa survey, is the Greens, which have lost six percentage points to 16 percent since the beginning of the year. AfD and FPD each lose three points and land at nine and six percent, respectively. The left shrinks by one point and lands at eight percent.

1:18 p.m. – Heinsberg district: DPD parcel center closed due to corona outbreak

The parcel delivery company DPD has temporarily closed a location in the Heinsberg district in North Rhine-Westphalia with hundreds of employees due to a corona outbreak. So far, 42 employees have been tested positive for the virus, a company spokesman said on Saturday. However, not all samples have been evaluated yet. All 400 employees from the Hückelhoven location are therefore in two-week quarantine. The WDR had previously reported.

The delivery of parcels and collection of shipments from customers will be taken from neighboring locations and is ensured, said the spokesman.

The first cases had become known this week and had been reported to the health department. The agency then arranged for mobile test stations, the spokesman said. The depot should now be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Other DPD locations are not affected.

11:49 am – Stuttgart: Apparently technology transporter for corona protests lit.

In Stuttgart, several vans burned during the night, which were to transport technology for the Corona protests planned today. According to the police, residents reported several burning vehicles on the premises of a company for event technology on Augsburger Strasse at around 2.35 a.m. The fire department was finally able to extinguish the fire. According to “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, the police assume arson. Witnesses are asked to contact the police officers on +4971189905778.

11:13 am – Chancellor Braun, there will be no vaccination

According to Chancellor Helge Braun, there will be no compulsory vaccination against the corona virus in Germany. If there is a vaccine, it is good if many can be vaccinated. But everyone decides for themselves, the CDU politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday). “If you don’t want that, you have to bear the risk of infection yourself,” emphasized Braun. He hopes for a vaccine for the general public between the beginning and middle of next year. Then you could go back to normal life.

Braun described the previous fight against the virus in Germany as “very successful”. A large part of the population handles the contact restrictions in a disciplined manner. Braun, himself a medical doctor, added, however: “From a medical point of view, when it comes to travel and conviviality, I feel a bit queasy – we shouldn’t be too researched there. Experience to date shows that this plays a major role in the spread of the virus. “

10:20 am – Italy wants to allow entry for foreigners from June 3rd

Italy, particularly affected by the corona pandemic, wants to allow foreigners to enter again from June 3. In addition, trips between regions in Italy should be allowed again, the government in Rome decided on Saturday night. The opening is subject to the condition that the infection events in individual regions or states allow it. In a two-week quarantine after entry, only those who have had contact with infected people or who have themselves tested positive.

Currently, entry is only possible in exceptional cases, including for Italians who are abroad and want to return to their home country or foreigners who are resident in Italy.

Italy is less affected by Covid-19 lung disease than few other countries in the EU; almost 32,000 people have died so far.

10:00 am – Relaxation on the borders with Austria and Switzerland

For weeks, couples and families could not see each other because of the corona-related border closures – which caused sometimes heartbreaking scenes at the German borders. That is now over: Several countries have reopened their borders with Germany for at least a few exceptional cases – including Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France. The borders can now be crossed again at any point, not just at individual border crossings. You can find an overview of the regulations here.

8:30 am – Dozens of protests against corona restrictions planned

Nationwide, several thousand people want to demonstrate again against the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic on Saturday. In Stuttgart alone, 5000 participants have been announced. Opponents of the measures also want to take to the streets in Munich, Berlin, Dortmund and many other cities.

The weekend before, thousands of people in many cities in Germany had demonstrated against the restrictions. The applicable distance rules were often disregarded and protective masks were not worn. As in previous weeks, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccineists and right-wing populists were among them. Police and, in one case, journalists were attacked.

00:24 – the Luxembourg border reopens

The time of border controls when entering Luxembourg is over: the border with Luxembourg has been open again since midnight. The barriers at the border crossings had previously been cleared away – such as on the bridge between the German Echternacherbrück and the Luxembourgish Echternach. According to the federal police in Trier, a dozen crossings at the German-Luxembourg border had been blocked in Rhineland-Palatinate – traffic was controlled via monitored crossings.

00:15 a.m. – USA is reviewing free issue of vaccine

According to President Donald Trump, the US government is examining whether a future vaccine against the corona virus could be offered free of charge. “We’re looking at that right now,” Trump said when asked by a journalist.

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11:53 p.m. – Current figures: Around 16,000 people are currently infected in Germany

country Infections dead Recover
Worldwide 4,523,653 306,388 1,622,394
United States 1,439,231 87,184 246.414
Russia 262,843 2,418 58,225
Great Britain 238.003 34,078 1,045
Spain 230.183 27,459 144,713
Italy 223,885 31,610 120.205
France 179,630 27,532 60,562
Germany 175,223 7,897 151,597

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