LIVE-TICKER Coronavirus – More than 4 million infected worldwide

Germany is opening up again

After services, zoos and hairdressers, many more areas of everyday life are to be relaxed in the coming weeks. Which federal state will decide exactly which one in future. Chancellor Angela Merkel largely left the decision on easing to the prime minister. “The whole of the Federal Republic is built on trust,” she said. Citizens are once again given more responsibility in dealing with the pandemic. Read here what is now valid in your state.

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6:05 pm – Current figures from Germany and the world

country Infected dead Recover
United States 1,311,923 78,862 212,534
Spain 223,578 26,478 133,952
Italy 218.268 30,395 103,031
Great Britain 216,526 31,662 1,002
Russia 209,688 1,915 34,306
France 176,782 26,313 56.148
Germany 171,324 7,549 144,400
Worldwide 4,055,863 279.892 1,386,631

The number of Covid 19 cases worldwide rises to 4.05 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. The number of deaths associated with the virus increases to 279,892.

According to the university, over 171,500 coronavirus infections had been registered in Germany by Sunday evening. At least 7,549 people infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen have reportedly died nationwide so far. Around 144,400 people survived the infection. As for other countries, experts also expect a high number of unreported cases in Germany.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of reproductions from Saturday was 1.10 (data status 9.5. 0 o’clock). This means that ten infected people infect a further 11 people. The value is significantly higher than a few days ago. The RKI writes: Due to statistical fluctuations, it cannot yet be assessed whether the number of cases will increase again.

5:56 p.m. – Cologne doctor: Remdesivir study is progressing

A study on the drug remdesivir to combat corona disease is progressing, according to the Cologne study director. The study is “at a very advanced stage,” said Gerd Fätkenheuer, head of infectiology at Cologne University Hospital, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Monday). He leads the German part of the study by an international consortium to research remdesivir.

The drug is considered a possible means of treating severe coronavirus infections. The United States has granted an exemption for the limited use of the drug in hospitals. A clinical study had previously shown that he could reduce the time to recovery by several days in Covid patients. In Germany, the drug is accessible within a drug hardship program approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and is being tested in clinical studies.

Remdesivir was originally developed to treat Ebola. So far there is no vaccination against the novel coronavirus and no reliable approved drug therapy.

5:41 p.m. – Church goers are not allowed to worship and choke employees

Because he was denied access to the cathedral in Worms, a man choked a church employee. Due to the corona pandemic, participation in church services in the cathedral is currently only possible with prior registration. As the police announced on Sunday, an unregistered couple was therefore denied access to the church service on Saturday morning. The man did not want to see this edition and, according to the police, choked the employee. The victim managed to free herself from the grip and fled to the interior of the church. The police are looking for witnesses.

5:12 p.m. – US Treasury Secretary: Unemployment is likely to increase even more

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes that the US unemployment rate, which has risen to its highest level since the Second World War due to the Corona crisis, is likely to increase. “The reported numbers are likely to get worse before they get better,” Mnuchin told Fox News on Sunday. He indicated that talks were ongoing in the White House about further fiscal measures to alleviate the economic burden of the pandemic. However, the federal government does not want to help states with weak management. The Presidential Office is pressing for a reduction in wage taxes.

5:00 p.m. – Rosenheim again above the limit of 50 new corona infections

In the Bavarian city of Rosenheim, the mark of 50 new coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants was exceeded within a week. The value was 50.5 on Sunday, said the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) on Sunday in Erlangen.

The city of Rosenheim had already ripped the limit on May 7, which the federal and state governments had set last Wednesday. The current increase in the number of cases can be explained by a series test in an asylum seeker’s accommodation, said the state office.

This means that five locations in Germany are now known in which the agreed upper limit is exceeded: in addition to the city of Rosenheim, the counties of Greiz and Sonneburg in Thuringia, Coesfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia and Steinburg in Schleswig-Holstein.

4:49 pm – Anti-Corona demo: attack on WDR journalists in Dortmund

Hundreds of people took to the streets in several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia over the weekend to demonstrate against the corona restrictions. At a prohibited event on Saturday in Dortmund, a suspected right-wing extremist attacked two journalists from “Westdeutscher Rundfunk” and injured one of them, as a WDR spokesman for the German Press Agency confirmed on Sunday.

According to the broadcaster, the attacker had tried to knock a camera out of one of the two WDR journalists. The police said the 23-year-old attacker was detained. Previously, he was also said to have insulted a media representative at a prohibited meeting on the Old Market.

4:30 p.m. – 5 positive cases in the Spanish top leagues

In the two top Spanish football leagues, five players tested positive for the corona virus. The league association announced on Sunday. The Catalan public radio station RAC1 had already reported on Friday.

Those affected are symptom-free and in the last phase of the disease, it said in a message. The identity of the players has not been released. According to the protocol, these must now go into domestic quarantine and will be tested again in the coming days. After two negative tests, the players can again participate in the training in the club facilities.

4:02 p.m. – New protests in Hong Kong

The demonstrators accuse the authorities of using measures against the pandemic to curtail civil liberties.

© imago images / ZUMA Wire, Liau Chung-ren via,

In Hong Kong, hundreds of people protested in several shopping centers against the China-friendly government. The police have arrested at least eleven people, including a twelve-year-old girl, media reports said on Sunday. In addition, dozens of people were fined for not adhering to the corona virus containment rules. According to this, groups of more than eight people are prohibited from public assembly.

The demonstrators accused the authorities of taking action against the pandemic to curtail civil liberties in China’s special administrative region. In a shopping center, a police officer used pepper spray against demonstrators and journalists after a water bottle was thrown at the officials.

3:09 p.m. – Hundreds of police officers in India tested positive for Corona

In the west Indian state of Maharashtra, almost 800 police officers tested positive for the corona virus. Of a total of 786 officers, seven died from the effects of Covid-19 lung disease, a spokesman said. All police officers over the age of 55 were instructed to stay at home.

Maharashtra, whose capital is the financial metropolis of Mumbai, is one of the virus-stricken states in the 1.3 billion-strong country. Around 30 percent of the approximately 63,000 registered cases have been reported there. To date, more than 1,700 people across the country have died from the virus.

1:43 p.m. – Sonneberg is above the upper limit for new infections

In the district of Sonneberg in southern Thuringia, more than 50 new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been registered in the past seven days. As of Sunday morning (10:00 a.m.), the value was 66.7 new infections, according to a spokesman for the district office.

1:19 p.m. – Court rejects urgent application against Westfleisch’s closure in Coesfeld

The Münster Administrative Court has rejected an urgent request from Westfleisch against the temporary closure of their Corona outbreak in Coesfeld. The district had closed the slaughtering and cutting plant from Saturday to May 18. This decision, based on the Infection Protection Act, was “in all likelihood lawful according to the file,” the court said on Sunday.

In the meantime, more than 200 employees of the company have tested positive for the corona virus. It can be assumed that there are still an undetermined number of suspected corona cases or infections.

1:13 p.m. – USA approves antigen test for coronavirus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given emergency approval for an antigen test for the coronavirus. It is a new category of test that can deliver results in minutes, writes the FDA.

Protein fragments of Sars-CoV-2 from nasal swabs are detected in the antigen test. This differentiates the investigation from genetic tests, in which viral genetic material is detected in smears, and from antibody tests, in which antibodies formed by the immune system are detected in the blood.

According to the FDA, one advantage of antigen tests is that they deliver results very quickly. However, they are less sensitive than genetic tests, so they slip through more infections.

11:53 am – TUI boss advertises summer vacation, quick opening of the border and malls

May 02, 2020, Spain, Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana): A woman sits in her bikini on the beach in Malvarrosa. From this weekend, citizens in Spain, which was badly affected by the corona pandemic, will be allowed to go outside again for the first time in seven weeks

Coronavirus – Spain

© dpa, Rober Solsona, europe press lix

TUI boss Friedrich Joussen wants to offer vacation trips to the Mediterranean again as soon as possible. “We have drawn up a health check for all holiday destinations and will only offer holidays where it is safe. In the first place there will certainly be Mallorca. The hotels there have made a test run, can start immediately and accept guests,” he said of the ‘ Image on Sunday ‘.

Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria and Denmark are also well prepared for summer tourism. However: “First of all, Germany must open the borders,” said Joussen. He does not think the general and worldwide travel warning until June 14 is correct. Rather, an individual assessment should be carried out for each country or region.

On Monday, hotels in Mallorca are allowed to reopen for the first time in two months, and restaurants and bars in the outdoor area are again hosting guests. On site, however, people assume that almost all houses will remain closed.

11:33 am – New infections in the Coesfeld district continue to tear the upper limit

Coronavirus - infections at Westfleisch May 9th, 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Coesfeld: Westfleisch's slaughterhouse in Coesfeld is temporarily closed. So far, 191 employees have tested positive in the slaughterhouse. After the coron

Coronavirus – infections at Westfleisch 09.05.2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Coesfeld: The slaughterhouse of Westfleisch

© imago images / Revierfoto, Revierfoto via,

After the corona outbreak in a meat factory in Coesfeld, the number of new infections in the district is still significantly above the agreed upper limit. According to an overview by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the value was around 85 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week (as of 10 May 00:00).

In addition to the Coesfeld district, all other districts and independent cities in North Rhine-Westphalia were significantly below the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. This threshold, from which new, consistent restrictions in the corona crisis are to come into effect, was agreed by the federal and state governments last Wednesday.

As a consequence, the Coesfeld district, in coordination with the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, has already postponed a large part of the loosening of the corona requirements that was actually planned nationwide from Monday. By Saturday evening, 930 of the 1,200 employees of the affected meat company had been tested. The number of positive corona cases found rose to more than 190.

11:00 am – Current figures from Germany and the world

country Infected dead Recover
United States 1,309,541 78,794 212,534
Spain 223,578 26,478 133,952
Italy 218.268 30,395 103,031
Great Britain 216,526 31,662 1,002
Russia 209,688 1,915 34,306
France 176,728 26,313 56.148
Germany 171,324 7,549 144,400
worldwide 4,038,747 279.468 1,380376

10:09 a.m .: Visits to Mother’s Day are an important reason for entry

For Mother’s Day

© dpa, Karl-Josef Hildenbrand, kjh kde dak wst

In order to enable visits on Mother’s Day, the strict rules imposed due to the corona pandemic have been somewhat relaxed for one day at the borders. Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) approves a corresponding decision by the federal police. The visit of her own mother, who lives in Germany, will be recognized as a “valid reason for entry” on this Sunday, said the federal police. Also read “Love without borders: Federal police allow entry for visits on Mother’s Day.”

9:45 am – FDP wants committee of inquiry on corona measures

The FDP insists on a political reappraisal of the state’s corona strategy and, for the first time, also brings a parliamentary committee of inquiry into play. “There are already significant failures by federal and state governments, especially in the early phase of the pandemic, which have to be analyzed and evaluated intensively,” said FDP member Michael Theurer. “A committee of inquiry with the considerable powers is certainly the most suitable to subject the actions and non-actions of the federal government to a critical review.”

Theurer explained that the immediate fight against and the first adaptation to the pandemic are still in the foreground. It is about the availability of Corona apps, the economic crisis and an impending bankruptcy wave in the middle class. But the discussion as to whether a committee of inquiry should be set up or an inquiry commission set up is already being intensely discussed among the members of the Bundestag.

8:45 am – Showmen call for a rescue package

400 years of carousel

© dpa, Roland Weihrauch, rw kde

The showmen are calling for a state rescue fund for their industry because of the corona crisis. “We have had no income for months and there is no end in sight,” said the President of the German Showmen’s Association, Albert Ritter. Major events such as folk festivals are prohibited until at least August 31. The Munich Oktoberfest and a number of other fairs that were planned for autumn have already been canceled. “Loans are of no help to us because our lost sales cannot be made up for,” he said.

A number of companies would not survive without help, said the DSB President. Many showmen had their last income at the Christmas markets, followed by the usual winter break – after that the start of the season suddenly fell into the water because of Corona. “We are also systemically important because fun and joy are important for people,” says Ritter. He appealed to organizers not to cancel all folk festivals for the autumn, but to wait.

8:29 am – mosquitoes do not transmit virus


© dpa, Patrick Pleul, ppl tba fux rho wst

According to current knowledge, mosquitoes pose no danger in the corona pandemic. The novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is transmitted by droplet infection – according to the current state of knowledge, the virus cannot get into the body with the bite of a mosquito, said mosquito expert Doreen Werner from the Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research.

This is also confirmed by Peter Ben Embarek, WHO expert for infections that can be transmitted from animal to human or vice versa. Studies have looked at various parasites – including mosquitoes – and found no transmission. “These viruses have specific affinities for certain species, and they can only attach to certain cells – they cannot infect every species they come into contact with,” he said.

7:59 a.m. – South Korea: highest increase in numbers in four weeks

200506 - SEOUL, May 6, 2020 - People walk at Ikseon-dong in Seoul, South Korea, May 6, 2020. South Korea on Wednesday began a so-called distancing-in-daily-life campaign to bring people closer to a normal life. The campaign allows people to resume

(200506) – SEOUL, May 6, 2020 – People walk at Ikseon-dong in Seoul, South Korea, May 6, 2020. South Korea on Wednesda

© imago images / Xinhua, Wang Jingqiang via,

After an increase in the number of locally transmitted corona infections in South Korea, fear of a possible destabilization of the situation is growing. Health authorities have now announced that 34 additional cases have been identified on Saturday. This was the highest increase in four weeks in the country, which is considered a model due to its determined test and quarantine measures.

The authorities are concerned about an accumulation of infections that recently occurred in connection with the visit of an infected male visitor to bars and night clubs in an entertainment district in the metropolis of Seoul. The person affected was only tested positive for the virus after visiting the clubs. Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon has temporarily suspended all of the capital’s clubs, bars, and other nightly entertainment venues.

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