LIVE TMW – Juventus-Roma, Sarri: “From tomorrow I will start studying Lyon”

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Maurizio Sarri answers questions from journalists at the last press conference of the championship. Here are the words of the technician in the post Juve-Roma.

0.23 – The press conference begins

What was the decisive match in this league?
“From the match against Lazio we started to become aware of the championship and we also paid for it a little later, because we played with so much conviction that in some moments we left something on the street”.

What will serve on Friday with Lyon?
“I hope it rains because the temperature was unsustainable tonight. Seriously, we have to rekindle everything and recover physical and nervous energies, recover as many players as possible and choose those who seem to be able to give more guarantees. It will be difficult, but the few energies that are left we must shoot them all”.

Towards the next match against Lyon
“I saw Lyon last night, from tomorrow I will begin to study it. Which for me means at least 3-4 hours to understand all the movements, stop the images and understand what they do sporadically or frequently. I was struck in the race with the PSG which they were very well physically, even during overtime. The problem of the goal suffered for us arises again from the post lockdown, clearly we will have to be very careful and avoid. “

Are you worried about the latest shaky performances?
“It leaves me calm because there are games that do not give us many indications in this sense because we have played them in a won title or almost. In other games there has been this problem, we must understand and try to remedy these six days that have remained “.

0.29 – The conference ends



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