Livia Brito is accused of stealing two watches from Salvador Zerboni; He talks about the matter

Salvador Zerboni made known that Livia Brito took some of her belongings with her when she parted with him. This was said to answer questions from the media who asked to tell them about the rumor that she had stolen a couple of watches from her property.

Joking with the situation, the actor did not disclose what was missing in his house when Brito He left, but indicated that he hopes life will go well for him.

I’m missing something, but I’m not going to tell you how good, a watch no, that’s not my God! You’ve already made me nervous, I’m going to look for it, it’s not like I’m 20 right, but if I have a even, you have to check them, lest he took it because they are engraved with my name, how sad!

She said she knew nothing about the robbery she was accused of Livia by a store furniture, which he pointed out for supposedly having kept the base of a dining room that rendered.

Yes, he really did, what a shame, because they pay him very well, I do not understand the need to do this type of situation. Well, how can it be that being kleptmana and robbing a dining room, where do you put it?

Neg that your ex had kleptomaniac, a disease in which people who suffer from it tend to steal things from way systematic.

“You don’t realize the kleptomaniac, that’s why it’s a disease, that you’re not aware of what you’re doing, but (of that) how are you not going to be aware? How ugly! Yes it’s true !, but ah I have one to spare, if you want we can give it to you


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