Lobster fishermen in Maine will never leave the ship of Trump, their favorite billionaire

REPORT – For the lobstermen, the outgoing president was right to step up against “the Chinese” and force them to sign a free trade agreement less disadvantageous for fishermen

By Maurin Picard

In Stonington Harbor, Maine, a “Trump 2020 – Emm … Your Feelings” flag flies over lobster fishing vessels. Maurin Picard

Special Envoy to Stonington, Maine

Evening is falling slowly over Stonington Pier. From the open sea, fishermen’s skiffs flock, returning from a day on the high seas. On some of them, surprise: a flag “Trump“Floats in the breeze, decked out with a frank and direct message:”I em … your feelings»…

The fishing was fruitful for Chip, a bald, 50-year-old skipper in bright orange waxed pants. On the sound deck Lady Charlotte, its foams and it unload crates overflowing with superb lobsters with bluish reflections. The famous Maine lobster, world famous. And curiously projected on the front of the electoral scene by the war on tariffs and the bellicose declarations exchanged between President Donald Trump and China. Asked about the impact of these distant political clashes, Chip gives his version tit for tat: “The Chinese wanted to impose their tariffs on us, but Trump made them understand who the boss was and they went back

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