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Locate my mobile: the explanation to the mysterious message received by Samsung users


Thousands of Samsung phones that operate with Android system received a strange notification of the Find My Mobile feature. The company explained what the unusual message was due to.

A strange message surprised many phone users Samsung: “1 1”.

The devices involved were those that have the function Find My Mobile (locate my mobile), who received the strange notification midnight on Wednesday.

Samsung He apologized because he accidentally sent the alert to thousands of phones.

Some users complained on social networks that the unexpected message had awakened them, while others feared that their device had been hacked.

Others shared screenshots of the notification and wondered what it could mean.

Samsung notification

The notification reached Samsung phones worldwide.

The alert did not contain any significant text and nothing happened when touched.

It’s a statement, Samsung said the alert had been sent involuntarily to a “limited number” of devices.

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The message was the result of an internal test, said the company, which said that it didn’t cause any damage to the devices that received it.

In particular, the model Galaxy which works with the Android version O (or newer) system, they received the notification, including the most recent Galaxy S series, the new Z-Flip and some brand tablets.

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