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Now Corona has also fully infected politics: sharp debates, bad allegations, serious blunders! That’s why Anne Will summoned her talk workers’ brigade to a special shift at short notice. Topic: “Little vaccine, highly contagious virus mutations – a difficult start into the new year!”

The guests

Reiner Haseloff (66, CDU). The Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt drastically increased the lockdown two days ago.

Manuela Schwesig (46, SPD). The head of government swore the population in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Friday to even tougher measures: “Stay at home, don’t meet anyone!”

Frank Ulrich Montgomery (68). The head of the World Medical Association is often critical and is often right.

Prof. Melanie Brinkmann (46). The virologist already knew two weeks ago: “We won’t be where we have to go on January 10th!”

Martin Knobbe (48). The journalist (“Spiegel”) wrote the book “Lockdown – How Germany narrowly escaped the catastrophe in the corona crisis”.

A clear goal, but there is a long way to go: How objective is it today? The Zoff-o-Meter is prepared for a lot!

Most alarming message

Prof. Brinkmann immediately startles everyone with angry news about the new danger from Great Britain: “It actually looks like this is a virus variant or mutant that is spreading better and faster!”

“It is about fifty percent more infectious,” adds the virologist. “There is actually a very high increase to be observed. There are still many unanswered questions and the experiments that are necessary now will take time. “

Most dramatic warning

The expert hopes that the vaccines developed so far would also effectively fight the new variant: “That looks pretty good.”

But: “If it actually turns out that this variant can multiply faster and can be transmitted better, then we have a real problem!”

The crucial question of the evening

“Are the measures that were tightened and extended on Tuesday still sufficient?” The talk show host wants to know.

The professor sends a deep sigh ahead of her answer. “You also have to ask yourself whether the measures are sufficient without considering this variant now!” She then says.

“Now we really have to be very focused and say: Where is it possible to reduce contacts?” She demands. “Now we have closed the schools. Have we perhaps left out areas, such as the workplace? “

Clearest announcement

Then the virologist gets down to business: the world of work. Among other things, she is bothered by the fact that there are now significantly fewer people in the home office than in spring.

“We have to prevent people from eating together at work or from meeting in the break room, where you sometimes take off the mask,” she explains. “We really have to hit it again!”

Optimistischstes Statement

“We have the chance now in the next three weeks to clearly set an example and to get the numbers down,” hopes Haseloff.

Because, according to the Prime Minister: “We all have keywords: company canteens. Local public transport to the place of work. And with all the IT options, you can work from home very differently today than in spring! “

Strictest restrictions

Schwesig is connected from Schwerin. First of all, she announces a curfew for the Mecklenburg Lake District from Monday and the restriction of mobility to 15 kilometers from the place of residence. Uff!

For her federal state, according to the Prime Minister, travel from outside is only possible when visiting the nuclear family or when traveling on business.

Talk master Anne Will is talking to her guests again about Corona

Most problematic point

“Above all, Mr. Haseloff and I worked to ensure that the federal government does everything to ensure that mobility is restricted, especially from abroad,” Schwesig continues.

Because: “This is a taboo subject and neither Mr. Haseloff nor I with our historical experience are particularly enthusiastic, but that has to be the case, especially in border traffic!”

Most recent complaint

“The only thing that helps us now is to distance ourselves, to avoid any contact,” says medical chief Montgomery.

His annoyance: “If I walk through Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, where there is such a tiny sign saying ‘Mask requirement’ and nobody sanctions you if you don’t do that, then we’re doing something wrong here!”

Most unsuccessful self-praise

The talk show host wants to score with something that goes without saying: “Of course, I immediately protect Berliners,” she says eagerly. “When I’m lazy, I also wear a mask!”

“That’s why I didn’t recognize you,” Montgomery scoffs. “But otherwise you are an exception!”

Most emotional charge

“I really see it as a failure that we had to close the schools again,” says the virologist sadly.

It wasn’t her fault, of course: “I was here in October and said that if we had to close the schools again, something went wrong in Germany,” remembers the professor, visibly touched. “And now I’m sitting here and the schools are closed! I am affected by it myself and it hurts my heart! “

Most comforting prognosis

“The vaccination is now here and we will soon see the first effects,” predicts Brinkmann. “Mr. Spahn will procure huge amounts of vaccination doses. I trust it now! “

Your hope: “It will take a while, but the light at the end of the tunnel is there!”

Then the Zoff-o-Meter starts

“It was astonishing that the Chancellor appeared before the press and said that these resolutions are not enough!”, The man from “Spiegel” etched about the coronavirus rounds of the country leaders.

His accusation to Haseloff: “The break came in November when you then canceled 80 percent of these resolutions! As Prime Minister you overslept a bit this autumn! “

But now the buck is fat! “You have to present these 80 percent to me on the basis of the original documents and the resolution!” Haseloff counters. “We achieved 90 percent consensus, and implemented it consistently!”

Toughest counterattack

An ARD importer lists the problems with obtaining vaccines from the EU. The “Spiegel” journalist promptly worked his way through a whole range of allegations against the health minister. What bothers him most is that there are not enough vaccine doses.

“Unfair!” Scolds Montgomery. The “Spiegel” had recently even accused Spahn of trying to buy additional vaccine for Germany bypassing the EU, and scourging it as a “breach of law”!

Klügster Rat

Haseloff has a pulse, because the general righteousness about numbers, appointments and the various products of the pharmaceutical companies is annoying: “People now simply expect the vaccinations to come!” He growls. “We shouldn’t make ourselves worse than we are!”

And, said the Prime Minister: “Ultimately, we can start this New Year with a hallelujah, saying, thank God the vaccine is there and the vaccination readiness is high, now let’s organize it and we can do it!”

Most legitimate criticism

“I can’t understand why the rich European Union didn’t say that we order 100 percent of all vaccine candidates,” says Schwesig about the purchases from the six current producers.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src="https://bilder.bild.de/fotos-skaliert/talk-runde-bei-anne-will-a8838f9af7c54274b69f95a40ce68f04-74832464/6,w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" width="1280" alt="Talk-Runde bei Anne Will" data-zoom-title="Talk-Runde bei Anne Will

Photo: ARD

“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/talk-runde-bei-anne-will-a8838f9af7c54274b69f95a40ce68f04-74832464/Bild/6.bild.jpg “/>

Talk with Anne WillPhoto: ARD

Her disappointment: “I had always thought that we were going to give it all!” In Schwerin, for example, she can now only have 600 vaccinations per week.

Honest emotional outburst

But the group discussed costs, prices and discounts unmoved until the Prime Minister finally broke the collar: “My stomach is turning!”, She rages. “I don’t even want to know how there was bargaining!”

Because, Schwesig continues: “It’s not about computers for health authorities! It’s about the only means we have to get out of the pandemic! It can’t be that the EU is bargaining!

Most positive forecast

“We have a means in hand to give the virus a boost,” says the professor at the end. “If people see that it is now working quite well, then the willingness to vaccinate will also increase.”

“If we let the virus run, it will change,” she warns, because mutations could make a vaccination worse.

Her closing words: “That is why we now have to push this virus back into the bottle. Then we can take back the measures we all suffer from. ”Amen!

Quote of the evening

“I have not yet considered leaving Germany as quickly as possible so that I can save my life!” Rainer Haseloff

Conclusion: a lot of expertise, little party flavor. That was a talk in the category “sight shot”.


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