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When a has a high level of difficulty quickly becomes the favorite of many users of Facebook and other social networks. That said, here we present a challenge that hardly anyone has ever surpassed. What does it consist of? You have to find the number 99 that is in an image, but in just 15 seconds.

Did you decide to participate? If your answer is a forceful “Yes”Before joining the challenge, we ask you to relax as much as possible, as you will have to keep your eyes wide open to have the chance to claim victory.

In those 15 seconds, pay close attention to detail. Don’t get distracted by anything. Just think about the visual puzzle. Trust your ability. If you can, repeat the following: “The number 99 is in the illustration and I will find it”.

Viral Challenge Image

The number 99 is not visible to the naked eye in this image. (Photo: MDZ Online / Pinterest)

Viral challenge response

If you got to this point on the note without being able to say “I made it” In this viral challenge, don’t feel bad. This is a simple game. If you want to know where the number 99 is, look at the image below.

Here's number 99. (Photo: MDZ Online / Pinterest)
Here’s number 99. (Photo: MDZ Online / Pinterest)

What did you think of the challenge presented in this note? Answer us in the comments and remember that in there are a lot of visual tests. They are all ready to have fun at any time. Until next time!




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