Loire-Atlantique: a man stabbed after being ambushed by his ex-companion

It is a formidable trap which he could not have escaped alive. In the early hours of Sunday, August 1, a man came to the homes of residents of the town of Gétigné near Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) to ask for help, reports France 3. Strongly alcoholic, he says he received several stab wounds from his ex-wife to whom he went a few moments earlier. Suffering from several deep cuts, he was taken care of by the Samu.

What happened ? The versions differ. During her interrogation in police custody, the victim’s ex-wife explains to the gendarmes that this former lover has been bothering her regularly since their break-up. She indicates that on August 1, he had returned to her home where she was with her new companion. A violent argument would have broken out between the three protagonists.

The man, on the other hand, does not tell the same story, and the investigation finally proves him right. The gendarmes discover in fact during their investigations that the victim had been invited by SMS by this ex-partner to join her at her home in Gétigné. So it was a lookout, whose motive remains unknown.

The ex-wife and her companion will be the subject of an immediate appearance on Wednesday before the Nantes Criminal Court. The victim, who is in an irregular situation, was brought to justice after two days in police custody.

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