long version or short version, why does the duration of symptoms vary so much between patients?

We still know very little about Covid-19. While the priority remains upstream prevention, it is also important to study the disease when it affects patients. This is why many researchers are looking at the different symptoms that appear in humans: their nature, their intensity but also their duration over time. And it is clear that the difference is sometimes very important from one individual to another concerning this last criterion.

But why do some patients suffer a “long” illness? Researchers from the Royal College in London say that one in twenty patients could experience symptoms for at least eight weeks.

If there is not yet a clear explanation, their study will at least have made it possible to establish risk profiles. And in this category, we will mainly find women, asthmatics and overweight: “We have seen in recent data that if men are much more likely to be seriously ill and die from Covid-19, women are those which present the most danger of long Covid ”, explains Doctor Claire Steves via the BBC.

The number of symptoms felt is also a data to take into account: “Having more than five symptoms during the first week is a key risk factor”, continues Dr. Claire Steves. Logically enough, age would also be a criterion favoring a longer illness.


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