López-Gatell denies arrival of Sputnik V vaccine to Mexico


The Ministry of Health reported this Sunday that the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in Mexico increased to 668 thousand 381, while the number of suspects of the new strain of coronavirus stands at 82 thousand 870.

As for deaths, the number reached 70 thousand 801 people after the report of 217 new cases compared to Saturday’s report and at the end of week 36.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, denied that in the case of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, the arrival of 32 million doses is contemplated, as reported last week because there is no such authorization from Cofepris , which is the regulatory body.

What will happen is the participation of Mexicans in phase three of the study.

There is no agreement between the Mexican government and the Russian government for the transfer or purchase of vaccines that have not yet been subjected to an evaluation in Mexico.

That Mexicans and Mexicans participate in clinical trials complies with the logic, rules, regulations and ethical standards of clinical research in human subjects ”, he specified.

Asked López-Gatell about the complaint that will be filed this Monday in the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) PAN legislators for the handling that the federal administration has taken in the face of this pandemic, the official refused to argue, especially when, he said, it is about an electoral political issue.

Any political party has the right to express itself or take actions according to the law, there is no doubt that in electoral periods the parties have the need to demonstrate that they are active and that they have a public function that society could appreciate, forward that everyone act according to your conscience and for the public good, ”he said.

Undersecretary López-Gatell regretted that Mexico’s budgets do not label direct resources for the collection of taxes on certain products for public health programs in the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

This sometimes discourages those of us who think that resources should be allocated more directly to certain interventions. I think it would be positive if at some point in some fiscal reform the country had mechanisms to more clearly ensure the use of resources in the expenditure package that is aligned with what is entered, “he said.


Regarding the technical report of the disease, the Undersecretary of Health stressed that in Mexico the epidemic has been in a general downward trend for seven weeks (mid-July) and only seven entities remain with an increase in the number of cases .

There is no doubt that in Mexico the epidemic is going down and yes and only if, these conditions of orderly mistrust are maintained, which is directly directed by state governments, we will have a sustained reduction until eventually, in the month of October we will have a significant reduction ”, he assured.

In total, one million 516 thousand 588 cases have been studied nationwide, of which there are 668 thousand 381 positive for the virus and 82 thousand 870 suspects.

He insisted that only 6 percent of the total positives (40,178 cases) are from the last 15 days, which would be active.

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