Los Angeles Lakers: Marc Gasol frustrated by the arrival of Drummond

Guillaume Issner, Media365, published on Saturday April 03, 2021 at 1:05 p.m.

Recently arrived at the Lakers, Andre Drummond should take the place of Marc Gasol in the starting five. The pill does not pass for the Spanish pivot of 36 years.

The Lakers have strengthened in the racket by welcoming in recent days one of the best if not the best rebounder in the league, Andre Drummond. An arrival which clearly comes to suit the franchise of Los Angeles, eager to make the double this year. On the other hand, there is one, in this case Marc Gasol, who may wonder about the rest of his season. The starting pivot in the 40 games played during the year, and 4.8 points on average, his lowest total since his debut in the NBA, may see his playing time sharply decrease. He didn’t hide it from the Los Angeles Times. ” It’s life. Things change, and you need to adapt as quickly as possible. When I signed with the team, it was to help help them, especially the two main guys, to accomplish their goals, which is to win another championship. It’s a tough pill to swallow because I know I won’t be in the team at some point, ”he said.

Marc Gasol demoted

The 36-year-old Spanish veteran is aware that it will be difficult for him to compete against his new teammate who is spinning at 17 points and 13 rebounds per game this season. He paid the price in Drummond’s first game under the yellow tunic by being placed on the bench. It was Thursday against Milwaukee but since then, Gasol took advantage of a slight injury to Drummond to a foot to make his appearance in the five major, on the night of Friday to Saturday, in Sacramento where his team won 115-94. Still, soon, perhaps the next game on Sunday (9:30 p.m.) against the Clippers, the crossover will again be inevitable. Lakers coach Frank Vogel said he will need all his players to get this second title, including his three pivots. Marc Gasol must also worry about Montrezl Harrell (15 points per game), used off the bench and who will have a say in this three-way fight.

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